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walleyeguy13 04-08-2012 02:32 PM

Lowrance LCX26 HD Rebooting with Navionics Chip
Wondering if any of you have experienced this.

Just bought the latest Navionics North SD card. Put it in my Lowrance 334c and checked it out. Worked fine. So I wanted to get it in my Lowrance LCX26 HD. I first ran the GPS receiver update and then the 2.1 update for the unit. Then I put in the chip. When I hit the power the unit would start and then beep but then basically freeze then restart, freeze restart, etc.

I pulled the card out, booted fine without any cards, booted fine with the LakeMaster card.

Looking for some clues.


mikeF unlogged 04-08-2012 03:00 PM


walleyeguy13 04-08-2012 05:03 PM


I brought the chip home and put in in my 334c and it worked fine. THEN I ran the "Freshest Data" update from the Navionics website. Appeared to work fine... I even downloaded the PC application and browsed the data from the chip.

Then I tried it in the LCX 26c and it forced the thing to reboot constantly. So I plugged it back into the 334c and it freezes that one up as well now. I am guessing that the Navionics data update somehow hosed the chip in terms of working with the Lowrance units?

I'm running the update again. Oddly enough, the program recognizes the fact that it is a "North" card. Wonder why the Lowrance would be having trouble. :banghead:

Hawker 04-08-2012 05:58 PM

It would appear that the download update from Navionics "may" be corrupt, or a portion of it! I think I'd give Cust Support @ Navionics a call tomorrow and see if they have some insight to what may have happened! Hope they can help you get it figured out and resolved, they have been most helpful to me in the past!

walleyeguy13 04-08-2012 06:25 PM

[QUOTE=Hawker;1418137]It would appear that the download update from Navionics "may" be corrupt, or a portion of it! I think I'd give Cust Support @ Navionics a call tomorrow and see if they have some insight to what may have happened! Hope they can help you get it figured out and resolved, they have been most helpful to me in the past![/QUOTE]

Waiting for the latest update attempt to complete. If this fails I'll be giving Navionics a shout for sure. Definitely something awry with the chip after the update.

walleyeguy13 04-09-2012 09:37 AM

Fair warning to those with older Lowrance units. It seems that there are going to be few if any options for us to get compatible charts from the big two.

Called Navionics on this issue this morning and was told that they were surprised that the chip worked at all (even though it was last year's chip). I assured them that it did before I ran the update, but they are now claiming that Lowrance just recently let them know that they should list the HotMaps Premium maps as "not compatible" with anything but the HDS units.

So now I guess I'm in the market for a used Navionics card with Lac Seul!

PS... I should mention that Navionics has agreed to issue a refund for the product I purchased.

Rod Holder 04-09-2012 03:13 PM

I suspect that your LCX 26C might be in need of a software update. I believe what you're experiencing is probably not related to Navionics with one disclaimer: Newer Navionics chips contain far more bytes of information than previous years. I base this upon my own experience with purchasing newer versions of Navionics Hot Maps chips. My original chips dated to 2004 and the amount of data on them was considerably less than the recent chips. I was using an East and a North chip in my Raymarine C80. When I purchased a 2009 East chip and put it into my C80, it was doing what you're observing with your Lowrance unit. It would come on, get to a certain point, then shut off and start the boot up process all over again. I took out the newer chip and put in the 2004 chip and it came on fine and the maps were fine. My C80 had 2004 software which wouldn't enable the unit to read the newer, 1 Gig, chip. I went out and bought a blank compact flash chip and then downloaded updated software for my C series. Even here, I struck out because the blank chip I bought was still too big for the C80 with older software to read. Raymarine sent me a smaller chip with updated software, which I then installed on my C80. After doing the update, I sent that chip back to Raymarine so my only cost was shipping and insurance. After installing the updated software version my C80 reads all the newer, larger information chips now. I bought a used C70 display last summer for my console and had to do a software update on it as well.

My suggestion is to contact Lowrance and see if they offer a software update for your unit. I am guessing that they probably do. Might solve your problem.

I should add that older units all have their limitations. My C80 can not make use of the same chips as an E80 can, the E80 having considerably more processor power.

walleyeguy13 04-09-2012 03:24 PM

[QUOTE=Rod Holder;1418568]I suspect that your LCX 26C might be in need of a software update.... [/QUOTE]

Thanks Rod Holder...

That was the first thing I tried. I updated each of my units to the most recent software available. Unfortunately the "latest" means updates from 2009. Both Lowrance and Navionics are now adamant that the newest cards are not compatible with the non-HDS units, even though the card I purchased worked fine before I ran the "Freshest Data" update.

The good news is that I think I have located a brand-spankin' new HotMaps Canada 2009 package at my local bait shop. Finally, a little luck.

This whole mess with Navionics/Lakemaster/Lowrance/Humminbird is getting a bit annoying. There really is no reason to not make the previous versions of chart data available for the legacy technologies... (other than they don't sell so many new locator/GPS units). I would gladly have paid close to the same price for a new card that was compatible... even if it meant it wasn't as up-to-date with all the latest features.

MikeF unlogged 04-09-2012 04:33 PM

{{This whole mess with Navionics/Lakemaster/Lowrance/Humminbird is getting a bit annoying. }}

How does this problem relate to Lakemaster and Humminbird?

I have not heard of any problems with newer Navionics chips in HB units.

Older Lowrance units had to have seperate files so you had to choose a file for a map location.

I called Navionics when my Great Lakes Navionics chip did not have LBDN and BBDN on my Lowrance display. They told me that I had chosen the wrong file, that those areas were on the Lake Superior file.

Silly me, thinking that they would be on the Lake Michigan file. Navionics explained that the Lowrance unit did not have the capability to display the entire chip info, so it had to be broken down into smaller files.

The HB units have no problem showing the entire chips maps without seperate files.

Sound like the legacy Lowrance units are having problems with the newer, larger capacity chips.

I have been told by friends that they needed to use a 2 GB or smaller chip for updates as their units would not accept larger GB chips with the updates.

I am not very up with the all the IT stuff so I can only go by my own and others experiences that are posted.

I have not had any problems with current Navionics or Lakemaster chips on HB units

Hope the new chip works out for you.

Rod Holder 04-10-2012 07:43 AM

I hope that using the '09 Premium chip works out for you. I was quite surprised at the additiional information available on more recent chips in comparison to the earlier ones. As an example, on my "North" Hotmaps chip from 2004, for Long Lake in Grand Traverse County, Michigan there is an underwater hump at the south end of the lake which was not shown on the 2004 chip nor even on the printed map in a booklet I have containing contour maps of lakes in the northern tier of Michigan's lower peninsula counties. The hump is indeed there and I confirmed it in my boat after I had updated the C80 software and began using a 2009 "East" chip. I have to say it was a pleasant surprise. Michigan lakes had NOT been on the 2004 "East" chip but were added to subsequent year "East" Hotmaps chips. I bought a 2010 "North" chip last year so that I would have adequate mapping (I run two GPS units at times) and each new version has information not present on previous year chips due to new surveys.

All this said, I have never been able to use "Platinum" chips in my C series displays because there is just not sufficient processor power to deal with all the information present on the chips such as the 3D contours and satellite views. I never felt I needed all that. Contour lines have been sufficient for me. With new generations of GPS/Fishfinder displays the processor power is increased, just like with computers. Raymarine has just come out with a new multi-function display, the C97 and I have to admit that it has me craving.

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