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Old 01-10-2012, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by ohiojmj View Post
The original post is over 10 years old so Kid C may never read this.

Why do some bass and musky fisherman think that their species are sacred and only meant for C&R? What if walleye or pike are at the top of the food chain in a lake? What is the difference between eating a 24" eater sized pike or musky? I'm trying to learn the reasoning of sportmen, not start a typical WC trash talk.
I'd imagine it's so they can catch more and bigger what ever they're going after?

In a wayward sense it does bring up the question of, when does a musky reach it's prime reproduction age and at what point does it taper off measurably?

If it tapers off to a small percentage when they reach the legal limit to keep them, might it be better to keep them over the limit and allow for more room/food/whatever for the younger more reproducing fish?
More fish, smaller, better?

I don't know, just wondering.

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