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Old 02-20-2012, 09:36 PM
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Default Update on Ron Seelhoff

I think it is an apporpriate time that I can let everyone know just exactly whats going on with my Dad... He had Thyroid Cancer in which spread to his voicebox (lrynx), vocal cords, lymphnodes, and the cartilage in his jaw line.... They had to remove his voicebox, vocal cords and lymphnodes. They are pretty certain they have gotten all of the cancer, although they have found a few spots on his lungs that may be more caner or just some spots due to the dust ect. We will find out the answer to that when radiation begins. He has a permenant stoma, and no longer has his voice. This means he will no longer breath out of his nose or mouth and his sense of taste of smell have been greatly lost. He will hopefully get an artificial voice prosthesis. This has affected his life in a huge way and he is having a very tuff time adjusting. He is on an all liquid no iodine or dairy diet. Radation will begin on March 1st... Again we could use all of the support possible. Cards of inspiration to keep moving on, are always welcome! I thank you all for your support and prayers and please continue! Its because of his fans, his family and friends, his grandaughter that he will make it through this. Not being able to talk to his dogs, and work them like he did is having a huge impact on him. They dont want him on the water incase he falls off the boat.. but I dont think that will hold him down... Again thank you all so much and anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.
A special thank you to Steve for putting this prayer chain up!
P.o box 318
Oshkosh Ne, 69154 Please do not send anything but your goodness! Godbless and good night!
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