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Old 03-29-2012, 09:03 AM
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Default Size of pike

The smallest pike was about 34-35 inches. The biggest maybe 40-42. Most of the ones we saw I would say averaged 38-39 inches. The pike fishing is really good on Little Bay de Noc. The best time for the biggun's is September. That's when some of the larger fish from Green Bay come back inside Little Bay. For non-stop action with smaller pike (like 22-28 inches) the month of July is hard to beat. We just crank spinnerbaits above the weeds on some of the shallow flats. A good part of the bay has very sharp drop offs. But there are usually a few weeds along just about every drop off. When fishing the drop offs, you keep your boat out off the break in 26-40 feet (depending where you are) and then cast your spinnr bait up into the shallows at the top of the break and bring back out to you. It's amazing how many pike lay in the very narrow weedbeds along the breaks. Or you can also cast your spinnerbait parallel to the weeds on the outside edge too. The rougher the water, the more active the pike. If it''s a dark cloudy day with a little rain, all the better! Calm sunny days totally suck. Crud, I'm all hot and bothered now to go cast some spinner baits...
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