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Old 02-28-2012, 10:36 PM
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Default my rust bucket trailer

I never had any problems with a galvanized trailer until I bought a Princecraft galvanized trailer that came with my Princecraft boat.
I purchased a new Princecraft boat with a trailer in 2003. The trailer was used in salt water. After only 3 years, the trailer started rusting. After each use, the trailer was washed with fresh soapy water dispensed from a pressure washer. Were I noticed the rust start , I used a wire brush to remove the rust, sprayed the area with ospho to neutralize the rust, then sprayed the area with Rustoleum cold galvanized spray paint. By 2010 the trailer was disintegrating. The rust was out of control. I had to have $500 of repairs done on the trailer.
Here in Miami Beach there are a many long established trailer repair shops that have lots of experience with galvanized trailers. When they looked at the trailer, they all came up with the same conclusions:
The galvanized coating that Princecraft used was a weak or a light galvanized coating that was too thin.
The wall thickness of the steel used on the trailer was too thin.
Numerous holes that were drilled into the trailer frame were done AFTER the trailer was galvanized. This is a serious flaw. All holes in the trailer must be drilled BEFORE the trailer is sent to be galvanized. Everywhere there was a hole there was severe rust.
When I contacted Princecraft they told me there was only a 1 year warranty on the trailer, and they couldn’t do anything for me. What made matters worse is their response was actually nasty. They said that they built thousands of trailers, and I was the first person to ever have a complaint. I believe that if you hear that kind of comment from a manufacturer you know something is wrong.
Needless to say I would never buy another Princecraft product. My previous rig was a Mirrocraft boat on galvanized trailer that was a Continental trailer built in Miami, Florida. I had that trailer & boat for 24 years, and the trailer had no rust on it when I sold it.
I would never recommend a Princecraft trailer to anyone.
I have since replaced the trailer with a used Magic Tilt aluminum trailer.
Miami Vice

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Old 02-29-2012, 09:10 AM
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Thanks for the "Heads UP".

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