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Old 04-12-2010, 10:08 AM
fishing frenzy fishing frenzy is offline
Join Date: Dec 2009
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Default Planer boards from shore?

I've done a search but haven't found anything yet, but is this possible to do from shore? I'd normally use a boat but the small lake I'm thinking of may be easier than launching a boat on it, the access is very small and not in good condition. The shores are fairly long and straight, and no worries about getting tangled up with other fishermen. Any thoughts or ideas?
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Old 04-12-2010, 10:16 AM
rabbit rabbit is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Pickford, Michigan, U.S.
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Sure why not! Alot of walking pulling the boards unless you have a curent to feed the boards out with. Careful you don't snag and lose a board unless you want to swim too while you are fishing. Use offshores mini boards. Would be easier to handle
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Old 04-12-2010, 01:19 PM
Modog Modog is offline
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Wisconsin.
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Default river?

I always wanted to try them from shore on a river with decent current.
I would think that the current would pull them out and the tattle tale flags
would be just like bobbers.

Side note: I had a guy from Florida fishing up here in WI who had never seen or used planer boards before. He went back and told his brother that us Yankees use freakin' mailboxes on their poles.
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Old 04-12-2010, 02:18 PM
Rowdie22 Rowdie22 is offline
Slot Fish
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Standing Rock
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I seriously wanted to try it. In the river we were catching walleye trolling cranks up stream. The current was strong. I think it would have worked, but having a boat, I didn't need to try it.
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Old 04-12-2010, 03:10 PM
Pegsguy Pegsguy is offline
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Cary, Il
Posts: 221

I have tried this without much success. In fairness, the river was high and it was almost impossible to get the board out into clean current, I kept getting caught in eddies. For this to work in a lake, the shore would have to be really unobstructed to let you walk the board out. I agree with the mini board idea, I was using Church 5 1/4" minis. Tom
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Old 04-12-2010, 04:08 PM
T Mac's Avatar
T Mac T Mac is online now
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Broadwater County, Montana.
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On rivers out west...steelheaders have been using them in current for many years from shore.
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Old 04-12-2010, 05:24 PM
Metz Metz is offline
Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Posts: 266

There's also these:


I'm not sure how good they work but I remember this question coming up a while ago here.
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Old 04-12-2010, 08:17 PM
tkoehler tkoehler is offline
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 6

look @ the sidewinder planer boards on you tube
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Old 04-13-2010, 04:11 AM
chitterchad chitterchad is offline
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Elmira, MI, USA.
Posts: 260

This might work. Some guys have used them on the Saginaw River.

Chad T.
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