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Old 05-04-2012, 07:31 AM
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In checking the picture again, a canvas shop might just elect to put additional snaps or grommets in the places that would allow the cover to pull tight. That could also take care of your water pooling issue.


There is no question that the cover has not been fitted too well from the factory. It is possible that the boat used to make the cover pattern was one off from the current boat production models if all of the covers have the same issue.

I can see where this could happen quite easily on a brand new boat model that had significant changes from previous boat models.
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Old 05-04-2012, 08:45 AM
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I know this is topic drifting a little, but if you're going to take the cover to a cover shop think about this....

I had a cover shop make this cover for the bow. If I have the trolling motor on I leave the bow section off....without the TM I put it on and protect the bow and keep out all the crud and water. The boat cover fits to the boat's factory fasteners, then the bow cover zips to it and has a velcro cover over the zipper....and then snaps around the bow.

Afterthought.....In retrospect if I were to do this again to a cover I would put the flap on the bow cover piece. Then when I didn't have the bow piece on the flap in the other cover wouldn't be flapping in the breeze when trailering.
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Old 05-05-2012, 09:24 AM
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None of this would concern me if I had a way to keep the boat indoors. Trouble is we are trying to sell our house. When we move I will have extra garage/ shed space for the boat.

I bought a metal carport and each time I think about putting it together the realtor calls and wants to show our house.
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Old 05-05-2012, 06:45 PM
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2011 1675 order side curtains and aft curtain for bimini 3 weeks ago, the sides fit but the aft curtain is 2 inches short at sides wher it snaps to gunnel rails and 2 inches short where it snaps behind rear deck dealer told me to bring them back he will have lund make newaft curtain
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Old 05-13-2012, 12:02 PM
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Default What I recently learned....

I've had issues with the factory bow cover, mooring cover, and full enclosure not fitting properly. It is not a Lund, but this is what I can tell you I've learned from my install shop.

A lot of factory tarps do not fit properly because of the webbing installed to reinforce the snaps. The tarps are cut to the proper dimensions, but after the webbing is installed the tarps end up getting pulled/distorted and will not line up properly on your boat. So basically, every factory tarp will fit differently. My installer had to explain this to me last week when he phoned to tell me they couldn't install my bow cover. My dealer couldn't install the mooring cover for the same reasons (but had no explanation why??).

The two boats he has seen a lot of grief with were Lund and Larson, but he did stress there were other boat models with the same issues too. These are just 2 models that are sold locally and he works on them quite often. I didn't understand exactly what webbing material he is talking about because I haven't got my boat back to see, but he did call it webbing.

Here's a few more bits of info my install guy informed me about. Be careful on the type of snap you have on your cover. There are some snaps (I believe he said a steel type of snap) that is VERY tight to get on and off. You can actually break the snap on your boat trying to get them off. They are supposed to be designed for towing. Next, if you are drilling into fiberglass do not use "screw in" style snaps for your boat. They learned the hard way that this style is notorious for causing spider cracks in the gel coat and can actually chip your gel coat too. He also said that chamferring the fiberglass holes was always done before installing the screw snaps, but spider cracks were still a problem.

His recommendations are to use pop rivet style snaps for fiberglass. They also use a softer snap on the covers so they attach and pop off easier. They build custom covers every day for boats and they have had nothing but GREAT reviews from probably a dozen different local guys I know that have got covers built by them. The snaps are still plenty tight to trailer your boat with the covers on too.

It makes sense because my brother's boat has a shotty looking factory cover with incredibly TIGHT fitting snaps and he has broke off a couple of the anchor snaps along the boat. It is a Four Winns. Anyway, if you go with custom covers it wouldn't hurt to ask your installer what they use for hardware. Hopefully this helps someone from a few headaches.

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