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Old 09-16-2000, 03:31 PM
Jackson Jackson is offline
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Default What's the best reel and line setup for trolling?

I've finally got a boat that can handle the bigger water, and set it up for trolling, rod holders, 8hp kicker,planner boards, etc. Now comes the hardest part, rigging rods & reels. I would like the most flexible set up possible. Most of my fishing is done in Green Bay and Bay de Noc. I currently have 4 Cabela's Depth Master reels (D10W 330 yd cap. with 12lb mono) & 4-7' Medium Heavy Rods. The big question is what to fill them with. I am thinking about 100yds of a 12-15lb mono backing, then 14lb Fireline the rest of the way, leaving enough room on the spool for 4 colors of 18lb lead core. With this set up, I can troll at night with just the Fireline, add the lead core with a 10lb Vanish leader for daytime deep water, or just add a 10lbVanish leader for shallow water day fishing.
My questions are-
#1-Am I trying to do too much with each rig?
#2-Is the 14lb Fireline the best size to use?
#3-How much of a Vanish leader after the Fireline?
#4-How much of a Vanish leader after the lead core?
#5-Any other ideas?
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Old 10-09-2000, 01:02 PM
Todd_NE Todd_NE is offline
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Default RE: What's the best reel and line setup for trolling?

I'm not sure of your situation, but I like these set-ups.

1. I like 10# TrileneXT, matches the Precision trolling books and
I've never broken a fish off because of line, even 4# test.

2. I would go with 10# Fireline, it's plenty strong and gives you greater depth with cranks. 14# might be the ticket where you have lots of snags.

3. I like a 20' mono leader on leadcore, either 15# test on 18# leadcore or 20# mono on 27# leadcore. I like mono for a little stretch, my tourney partner likes Fireline so his rod tip shows more accurately what the crank is doing.

4. You might also have some rods spooled with a 50' mono leader, three colors of leadcore, then Fireline backing.

I know this all adds up to more than four rods. But I would, where I fish, go with one leadcore, one fireline, and two mono rods. You might vary of course.

Make sure your softer rods are on the Fireline for sure.


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Old 10-21-2000, 04:25 PM
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Default RE: What's the best reel and line setup for trolling?

You can not use Fireline as a backing, it will spin on the spool. Use a mono backing, then put your Fireline on. Yes, it sounds like you are trying to do too much with what you have. For most of your trolling situations, like downriggers, or planer boards, you will be better off with plain mono. That being said, I LOVE Fireline, and would not be with out it. I typically run two linecounters out on boards with 10# mono, and then two rods flatlined with 14# Fireline(the 14# Fireline will give approx. the same results as 10# mono for your precision trolling guide). I also use the Fireline rods at night for what I call "Touch Trolling" on Muskegon Lake for walleye's. You can't beat the "feel" it gives you. You can still use them for in-line boards etc, but make sure you do the "Fireline wrap" when putting it in the clip.. Like the other post mentioned, I used 8 1/2' Medium Steelhead rods. It is best to use a rod with some give to it. Fireline can be very unforgiving if you make a mistake while fighting a big fish, in fact I know of some other pro walleye anglers that cringe at the thought of fighting a big fish on Fireline when money is on the line! Hope this info helps, if you have any more questions feel free to e-mail me Tight Lnes

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