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Old 01-31-2006, 07:08 PM
Hawk Eye
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Default RE: Which Pro-Am to fish

I have fished the PWT, FLW and the old NAWA (that lasted maybe 4 or so years) as a co-angler. I learned a lot in all three, and fished with great guys in each tournament. If I fished again as a co-angler, there is no doubt I would fish the FLW. I have attended several of the FLW weigh-ins since I stopped fishing as a co-angler, and it looks like the FLW has taken the lead from the PWT.

I did not fish for money, but the PWT payout structure these days for co-anglers is pathetic. The Cooler Crowd is losing it with the products stuffed inside, and the inference from the PWT is that the co-angler isn't as important.

It's sad the PWT has deterioated. I was fortunate to fish in some of the early Erie tournaments, when crank bait fishing in cold water first caught on and not just jig fishing the reefs. Great memories...unfortunatley PWT I believe is still living in the past too.
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