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Old 11-30-2013, 02:33 PM
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If you are frying or baking pheasant marinate the peaces in a baggy with canned crushed pineapple in natural juices for several hours. It will help make the meat tender and adds a slightly sweeter taste. Wiredog
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Old 12-07-2013, 08:28 AM
btebb btebb is offline
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Go to Pinterest and look up pheasant recipes. There are hundreds of them. The best. I have had so far is the General Tso's. Spicy and sweet. Yummy!!
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Old 12-09-2013, 08:48 PM
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I always liked pheasant and noodles. Make it just like you do chicken and noodles only with pheasant. Hopefully they come back in the next couple years so I can get after them.
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Old 01-03-2014, 01:26 PM
FuzzzyIL FuzzzyIL is offline
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You guys are making me hungry

Fillet breast meat. Pound out the breat meat and make
Pheasant Cordon Bleu - make just like Chicken Cordon Bleu

It's a lot easier than it seems and very yummy.
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Old 01-09-2014, 01:08 PM
Suzuki Suzuki is offline
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More often than not I make them exactly like fish fillets. Same breading and all. Cut up into smaller pieces and deep fry. Like it so well I rarely do it any other way.
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Old 01-18-2014, 10:19 PM
catfishkiller catfishkiller is offline
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Default save those thighs!!!

take pheas thighs and put into ziploc bag with medium salsa or picante over night in fridge.
take them out of the fridge, still in bag, and let them warm to room temp.
remove from bag, grill slowly (low heat) over charcoal, basting (like bar-b-que) with more picante as they cook,flip frequently.


lienies red, while preparing and chewing seems to work well also...

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Old 05-25-2015, 06:38 AM
GarryB GarryB is offline
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I have tried many recipes for cooking pheasant but the one listed below is my favorite.
  • Clean and remove fat from breasts.
  • Cut the breasts length wise into 3 strips.
  • Cut each strip cross wise making 1 inch cubes.
  • Heat cooking oil (I like coconut oil) in skillet cooking oil is hot when if flashes with a little sprinkled water.
  • Coat the pheasant cubes with flour salted and peppered to your taste. Then put the flowered cubes into the hot oil.
  • Brown both sides of the cubes.
  • Drain excess oil from frying pan.
  • Pre-mix McCormick or Tones brown or chicken gravy mix using a little more water than called for.
  • Pour gravy mix over the browned pheasant cubes in the frying pan.
  • Cover pan with a lid.
  • Turn heat down and simmer for 1 hour.
  • Occasionally remove the lid and use spatula to scrape the glaze from the bottom of the frying pan and to turn the cubes over.
  • When the gravy thickens, stir in more water and put the lid back on.
  • Serve over or with wild or brown rice or pasta.
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