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Old 02-05-2017, 03:03 PM
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I ended up picking up a Toro Revo Winch Beast with the 6:1 gear ratio and a Shimano Curado (used). This will be the first year I'll be serious about throwing big bucktails and such for muskies. Super excited!

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Old 03-14-2017, 04:30 PM
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45 years pitching 10 or so 6500 c3's . Muskie facts! 60# Dacron filled a 6500 more fish are caught on buck tails than all other bait, put together. Forget all he hype and all the lures. The 5500 series will hold more than you need a decent sc premier 7' 20-40 $150 5.7 gear ratio reel $120, and a few buck tails in black and........black. Throw it all day and learn that first. Don't fish with a tight drag and learn how to cast with your thumb. If you catch at the boat w a clamped down drag you your fellow pitcher and the fish are in trouble.
Or spend $400 on a. Reel, $500 on a rod that's good for lobbing a pounder lure half way across the lake and after an hour or so your arms fall off. Remember... Muskies bite most of the time in the first 5ft or the last 5ft. You throw 60 yds retrieving slow...if you get high speed w a huge bait your pulling 20 ft boat with your mid sized suv. Meanwhile I'm pitching an eagle tail on a much lighter rig, hitting the strike zone many more times and can pitch all day. Who's going to catch more fish? And I'm going to spend all the money I saved on beer!

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