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Old 12-14-2015, 12:47 AM
jigstop jigstop is offline
Join Date: May 2011
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I won't say the name of the place we feel we got burnt at but it's north of Konora and after our experience it aint no PARADISE!

I'd been going there fishing for over 10 years and thought I'd try them for a whitetail hunt. We went the first year and the hunting wasn't bad, my brother messed up and shot a deer smaller than he should have but that's not the outfitters fault as he saw a couple really big bucks. I didn't see a buck the whole time and where I parked there was another truck everyday, when Iasked about it he said that there was a monster showing up on the cameras on the other side of the road where the other truck was parked but he had his dad (the owner of the resort) hunting that one. I guess it's more important for them to shoot big bucks than the paying customers! Through out the fall he sent us trail cameras weekly showing some nice bucks every time.

We decided to go back the next year and when we asked about pictures during the fall he kept saying that the bucks weren't posing good enough for pictures he wanted to send out??? I don't care if the buck is posed in the picture or not as long as I can see the buck! Seeing pictures are one of the things that gets me pumped up for the hunt. When we bought our tag the shop told us that the population was down over 80% from the year before because of the bad winter. When we got to the resort and they showed us our blinds they were basically just set up wiht no concern to the wind or even if there were deer in the area. two guys 4 days of hunting and 5 total deer seen. Now I know he can't control the winter kill but instead of telling us all fall long that the deer population was great and they were seeing big bucks everyday it would have been nice if he was honest with us and tell us that the population crashed. If he would have been honest with us we still would have gone but our expectations would have been less. And we would still be going there realizing that the population was down and needed time to rebound but after his "lying by not telling the whole story" we found a new place to go.
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Old 01-22-2016, 11:36 AM
MN1965 MN1965 is offline
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Considering my own experiences and that of several friends, it seems like your chances of getting burned are about 50/50. Too many TV shows depicting massive trophies as the norm has opened the wallets of hunters and created a much larger guiding/outfitting industry. A good number of those are not true professional outfitters, but merely have a license they use to pad their income when laid off from their other seasonal jobs. I doubt that I'll ever pay to go on another guided hunt.
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