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Old 09-24-2015, 11:31 AM
btyreprich btyreprich is offline
Join Date: Nov 2013
Location: Yorkville, IL
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Default Wild Boar Hunting

Starting to prepare my "bucket list" of things to do when I retire - 6 years away. I need some advise on wild pig hunting as I have never hunted and don't own a firearm of any type.
When I watch Youtube videos on boar hunting, seems that a lot of these are taken in Texas and hunters use a variety of rifles. Everything from powerful air rifles to bolt action rifles of a large caliber.
I'm interested in knowing what an average boar hunt costs, best time of the year to hunt, and a good firearm to own for this type of hunting.
As I get closer to retiring, of course I'll take all the hunter safety classes and get training from shooting range employees on gun safety.
I appreciate any advise you can share with me.
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Old 09-24-2015, 06:16 PM
furbis furbis is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 10

I am going to assume you have never owned firearms, please forgiver me if I am wrong. I would suggest a pump action shot gun firing slugs or maybe even buckshot providing its legal to take a hog with that setup in the state you will be hunting. I think this setup is safe for a new shooter and plenty powerful to take a hog at closer ranges.
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Old 09-24-2015, 06:34 PM
bfish bfish is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: SE TN
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No shotgun for hog hunting in TN as dogs are used to run and corner the hog. Mostly .45 ACP are used as shots are within close range. When hunting solo and without dogs, I use .444 lever action Winchester (others use Marlin in same caliber or .45-70).
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Old 10-11-2015, 08:25 AM
cal74 cal74 is offline
Slot Fish
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You can hunt hogs in any number of ways and with any number of guns.

Free range hog hunts, you'll be wanting a scope with good light gathering ability. No reason to purchase a hubble telescope, but something with an illuminated reticle will help with your shot(s). A Leupold VX-R is a pretty decent scope that won't break the bank.

I was just in Texas this past spring and took two hogs, first one was about a 1/2 hour past dark and you couldn't see the pigs come in 80 or so yards away with the naked eye. 2nd was before first light.

Few years back I was in Tennessee and took one with my bow (spot & stalk) which was a tough hunt with my bow and would have been real easy with a rifle.

Anyways, there's a ton of calibers that will the job just fine but pick up a .308 if you want something with shells all over and with moderate recoil. Any number of rifle makers, but for something reasonable in price look at a Ruger American or for a little more a Tikka lite. Both should treat you well.

Stay away from the discount Remingtons (models other than 700's) and Mossbergs (my opinion). Pretty much anything else, you'll be fine.
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