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Old 01-17-2017, 10:55 PM
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Default Getting into muskie fishing...

Have casted quite a bit for muskies in the past, but am wanting to fine tune and learn a few things that might help boat a few more fish since I'm mainly a walleye/crappie/wiper/flathead guy.

I love throwing jerk baits, think it's a great time. They catch some nice pike, but of course I want muskies. Problem is, jerk baits and the like are pretty much all I do. I've got some big 1 ounce bass jigs that I plan on using, but a few questions would be when would you throw such an animal for muskies and pike? Anytime you see a bunch of sticks/brush/weeds you want to get thru?
What kind of trailer would I put on such a jig? A twister tail? Shad/paddletail? 7"? 10"?

I've got quite a few questions about that in particular.

Also, when would you throw an inline spinner, or grandma, or jake, or stuff like that instead of a jerk bait?

You can tell I like to throw jerks and will have a hard time straying away from them, but I want to broaden my skills a little as we will be throwing big baits in about 2 months or so.

Thanks for any info and suggestions.
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Old 01-18-2017, 04:51 AM
jfaisten jfaisten is offline
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I'm kindof in the same spot you are -- I want to do more muskie fishing but it's hard to know where to start. I love to cast as well. My plan is to employ two local guides -- one trip each. One specializes in casting the other vertical jigging in the river channels. Both have a fair amount of success. I figure I'll have a lot of questions answered after those trips.
Good luck
SE Michigan
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Old 01-22-2017, 08:56 AM
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My first suggestion would be to be cautious about how much you spend, easy to end up with several large tackle boxes full of lures and a dozen rods or more, been there done that.

Maybe a dozen different style lures and one each of natural and bright colors.
Learn to work these lures well and add as you need.

Take the barbs off or easier yet, just bend them down, makes releasing the fish much easier and keeps you from cutting a hook and leaving parts of the hook in the fish, imho it can easily kill the fish.
Also makes removing from yourself much easier too.

A couple rods to start, heavy and extra heavy, but remember tossing them huge baits all day can get tiring.

Then go fish.

Anywhere food is, that being anything from minnows to other muskys, points, bars, islands, bays, outlets of rivers/creeks, etc, look for fish the musky can eat.

Then time on the water will teach you most of what you need.


Remember our vets, they need our help, just like they helped us.
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Old 03-14-2017, 05:04 PM
tewwbulltom tewwbulltom is offline
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Good advice Al. A six ft pool cue for jerks. Suicks JERKED on a c4., that's jerked down. 7ft sc premier 20-40# c3 80# braid 125# leaders at least 12". No big bass gear, single hooks extremely sharp bcktails in line, no trailers and burn them both. You're not fishing for a 44"er 20# fish. Record 70#. Take it away from a girl hunt for grandmama .

45 years on Leech old school guy.
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