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Old 02-17-2017, 08:48 PM
Furfishfun Furfishfun is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
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Default EZ Loader Skeeter trailer problems

I am writing this post as an FYI.

I have a 2001 Skeeter sitting on an EZ Loader trailer. It is a tandem axle, leaf spring trailer with single disc brakes. I have owned it for about 7 years. The new Skeeters have a torsion spring axle with dual disc brakes. The suspension had a banging noise since day one. After inspecting the components, I noticed that the leaf spring eyes were hitting the frame when the trailer hit a bump or large pothole. I first installed some high density rubber on the frame where the leafs were hitting. This did not solve the problem. I then did some research on E-trailer.com. I found out that the links(shackles) were 1/2 inch too short. I purchased a Lippert Equaflex equalizer that is designed to solve this problem. The equalizer is the pivot that connects the leaf eyes to the frame. After installing the new equalizer and links, I gained 1 inch of clearance, and the noise is gone. I believe that this was a design fault from day one. When you remove these components, do not turn the head of the bolt. It has splines on it to prevent it from turning. I also replaced the brass bushings with "Never Fail" composite bushings. They are supposed to last longer.

Now for the brake issues. I now have a warped rotor due to one too many panic stops. A friend of mine was towing it on the last two. A single axle brake system should be fine under normal conditions. A dual axle brake system has twice the stopping power.

Hopefully this info can help some other boaters with the same issues.
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Old 02-19-2017, 01:37 PM
REW REW is offline
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I assume that you are going to replace the warped rotor/s?
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Old 02-19-2017, 02:02 PM
Furfishfun Furfishfun is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
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Yes, I ordered some new ones yesterday.
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Old 02-21-2017, 07:49 PM
wally hunter wally hunter is offline
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What was roughly the cost fot the parts to do this, I have a skeeterzx2050 on a easyloader, don't have clunks but do have squeaks?
Jon Pautz
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Old 02-21-2017, 08:23 PM
Furfishfun Furfishfun is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
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I don't have the dollar amount on hand.
If you don't have the banging noise you shouldn't need the suspension upgrade.
I still do have some squeaks in mine, most notable when the brakes are activating while backing on uneven terrain.
I don't believe that any of these trailer components are lubed or greased when originally assembled. They also don't have a way to grease them later. When we dunk them in the water how many times a year, then bang them down the highway at 70+ mph, you get the idea of how much abuse they take.
Worn bushings could be causing the squeaking. I have previously used a penetrating lube (like WD-40) to liberally spray the bushing and pivot areas. After that dries, then I use a cling type lube (like white lithium spray grease) to top it off.
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Old 02-22-2017, 05:52 AM
rocket man rocket man is offline
Slot Fish
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You can buy the bolts that are drilled for grease fittings. Dexter has them or Eastern Marine.
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