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Old 01-11-2017, 12:17 PM
Crackback Crackback is offline
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Originally Posted by FinsNFeet View Post
While doing some research on new wheels and tires for the trailer, I stumbled onto a posting that spoke about the trailer and wheel alignment. I would be greatly interested in hearing if anyone else has had this done and where would one go to get something like this done. I have a tandem axle trailer and did notice that one tire did have uneven tire wear. The outer edge slightly more worn then the rest of the tire. It was the front right tire of the trailer. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Happy New Year

Good Post Topic....I put new 12 inch 6 ply tires on my single axle boat trailer in 2015 before I went to Rainey Lake and back logging in about 2000 miles. When I got home I was shocked to see the tread was just about worn down bald on both tires with heavy duty side shearing. I called up a tire guy and he told me I had wheel and axle alignment problems and it is very common. He recommended me a wheel alignment shop that did trailers alignments. I went there and I was amazed to see a special machine made just for doing single and dual axle trailer alignments. My trailer's camber /castor and tow in and toe out was WAY OUT OF WACK. HE had the axle clamped in a jig fixture and used a laser machine as he had to rebend the axle and spindle mounts to get it straight. He charged me 125.00 bucks and it took just over an hour. In 2016 I went on 2 fishing trip totally 4000 miles on new tires and they have little wear.

Who would have "thunk" a trailer needed a wheel alignment?
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Old 02-16-2017, 10:14 AM
dustytarga dustytarga is offline
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Late last season I also notice significant tire wear on the inside of one tire - I have a tandem axle trailer. All of the other 3 tires looked good with even wear. I contacted some area shops, and I will be doing two things right away this spring when the boat comes out of storage. First I am going to replace both of the equalizers and all of the leaf spring bushings. Next I am going to take it to a tire/alignment shop that has quoted me $50 per axle for alignment.
I am pretty sure my culprit may have also been a large pothole (or several) on the road to the landing I frequent.

Thanks for all the good reassuring advice!
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