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Old 01-11-2017, 10:15 AM
oldyellowdog oldyellowdog is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
Location: Utah 84075.
Posts: 223

I agree with Kevin, go sit in both boats. BUT! take along 2-3 other people, try to put yourself in a fishing situation, walk to the livewell, get a minnow, a beer cooler?

I have a 2025, and my friend has a 1975, we always fish out of mine, when we do fish out of his, I notice that 1' HUGE! Dan
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Old 01-11-2017, 11:51 AM
canadianjoe canadianjoe is offline
Join Date: Jan 2017
Location: WI
Posts: 18

The 1875 (18'10") has the same lay out. 2017 has a beam of 97" last year it was 95, 1975 (19'8") is at 100" also have to consider your going to a trandem trailer with the 1975. I looked at them both with a 175 Vrod on them (apples to apples) and yeah 9K+ is about the difference for a gain of 10" in length. Big rebates on them this month... 2016-1975's are 1500, w/17@1,100..... with ProV 1875 16@1200 and 17@900.

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Old 01-11-2017, 08:46 PM
wlmffm wlmffm is offline
Join Date: Mar 2016
Location: Omaha, Ne
Posts: 28

The 1875 is supposed to fit in your garage where most can't get the 1975s to fit. The big price difference is a lot to do with the motor but you also get more boat with the 1975. The 1975 is similar to options of a 2075 where the 1875 doesn't give you as much. Either boat will do you fine, me....I would take the 1975 but I end up on bigger lakes. When I was looking at them a couple years ago there was much more difference in the boats than 1 foot. What comes to mind is the gunnel storage, live well setup and if you really look at it, lund moved the consoles back on these boats to make room for the rod storage (I assume) which gives you a larger front casting area but the back of the boat has little room to fish. You really can't have back seats in the boat and have any room to fish at all.
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Old 01-11-2017, 10:30 PM
kaptainkrunch kaptainkrunch is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 43

If you are looking at 2017's, I think one huge selling point on the 1875 over last year is that Lund has incorporated the Advanced Water Control casting deck, where the storage doors close against a common surface and the lip around each compartment is significantly raised, like on the larger Pro-V's. Last year you would have been comparing an 1875 without dry storage to a 1975 with dry storage. For 2017 the 1975 no longer has this advantage. For me this would be huge - I would not buy a boat with storage compartments that took on water.

Another factor that stood out to me was that the 1975 has the storage drawers in the gunnels while the 1875 does not.

And as others have mentioned, if you haven't sat in both boats, you probably should. See what you think of the space that each offers, and what you can/cannot live with.

That said, for a smaller lake like what you're fishing, an 1875 will be enough to handle the water if it's spacious enough for you, and with a 150 4 stroke it's a fantastic value. Personally, I doubt that a Verado would justify the extra cost on a lake that size. And it seems most 1875's come with the 150 so resale value shouldn't be a problem like it is on some boats when not equipped with max horsepower.
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