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Old 04-21-2017, 01:43 PM
staylor staylor is offline
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If the boat runs under 45 mph top end there is really nothing to gain with SS. I run the 150 4S on a light 17 ft rig- top end with a 23 pitch is 60+, and I run 21-23 pitch stainless props. The 3 blade Tempest rattles which drives me nuts. For general use the Tempest is a very good SS 3 blade, and is probably the most common Merc 3 blade SS prop for aluminum boats. In comparison, my son runs the 150 4S Merc too- on a heavy glass 21 ft rig. He only runs 17 pitch for a 41 mph top end and runs aluminum- and it doesn't rattle.

If you're going to raise the engine up off the transom and are trying to squeeze all the possible top end out of the rig- then absolutely run stainless. If you are worried about hitting rocks and want a more survivable prop- go SS. But if you're just an average boater and don't mind a painted prop for your buddies to see- then go aluminum. In my area- Erie and the Niagara River, around 75% of the Merc 150 4S motors I've seen are running aluminum.
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Old 04-22-2017, 01:57 AM
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From a performance standpoint - not likely to gain a lot using either a stainless or a good aluminum prop.

However, the durability of the stainless prop is much much better than an aluminum prop.

If you are running wide open, and hit a rock or rock pile you will destroy the prop in either case and may very well destroy the lower unit.

However, if you get a low speed bottom strike, then the stainless prop will likely shrug off the damage. However the same low speed strike with an aluminum prop will very likely destroy one or more of the blades.

Good luck

If you need a special characteristic of a prop - like a high rake angle or a certain blade design to optimize the rig's performance - you are more likely to get the perfect prop for your rig with a stainless compared to an aluminum prop.
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