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Old 05-17-2017, 05:30 AM
Bigfishhunter Bigfishhunter is offline
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Flin Flon, Mb.
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I have a 2013 competitor with a F90 and I see 35 all day long.

At some point we all need to realize the limitations we are dealing with. A large, and stable platform with great rough water ride and superior fishabiltity, paired with an outboard that isn't a lot of hp for this weight and size of hull.

I think I am super impressed with my numbers and everyone else's regardless of motor. Everyone reports a great hole shot, which is true of mine as well, and everyone seems to get the same top end 34-40. The better top ends will be seen with the e-techs, they are very powerful motors. The key is that one is gettig ideal rpms, and the best results will mirror ideal rpms. So, get the height right, get a good prop, and go fishing.

The thing I have found with my Yammie is that I get 35 when I am all by myself, and very little gear and fuel, and I get 34 when I put 4 guys, a whole tank of fuel and a lot of gear and food in as well, so you can't beat that.

Those are fantastic results, get up and go when you need it, and a quality ride, with respectable speed. I stopeed chasing 2-3 mph, and I spend more time on my tackle and gear.
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Old 05-18-2017, 08:08 PM
Black_Z28 Black_Z28 is offline
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Alright, so I made up a engine hoist/ring at work today. I have either a fork lift or a overhead crane I can use to lift/support the motor.

So my question, I assume I need to remove the old sealant on the transom bolts and add new. Is my best bet to remove old, then use 3M 4200? Not sure I can get that locally, I guess maybe a boat dealer. But is there something else I could use? Perhaps Marine Goop?

Thanks again
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Old 05-21-2017, 07:02 PM
Rywheat Rywheat is offline
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Originally Posted by MnDooman185 View Post
I also ordered a competitor 185 with the new Yamaha 90. I am also curious what of performance I will get.

So how does it perform have u had a chance to fill the live well yet

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