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Old 11-22-2006, 08:09 PM
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Default Trim Tabs on 18 - 19 ft boat

I think I could improve performance of my boat by installing trim tabs but I have a T8 kicker on one side of the transom, leaving the area available to mount tabs restricted. Have any of you put trim tabs on a boat this size with a kicker motor on the back? If so, are you satisfied with the result? I see Bennett makes a tab they call a Sport Tab that would fit in the available space. Minnkota is coming out with a set of electrically driven tabs soon that might also work well. What do you think?
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Old 11-22-2006, 11:26 PM
REW REW is online now
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Default RE: Trim Tabs on 18 - 19 ft boat

Adjustable tabs work very well on virtually any boat.
In virtually every case, there is a certain speed, boat attitude, or water condition - where the boat operation and control could be improved with a set of tabs.

Another option that works for many boats is the accutab. This is a tab that is controlled by a spring loaded hydralic actuator. The tab is extended at a stop or low speed and gradually rises due to speed. The issue with these tabs is that if you want to change the characteristics, as you can with an adjustable tab - you can't easily do this with the accutab.

There are essentially two different types of adjustable trim tabs.
1. Hydralic tabs. These are tabs that are connected to a hydralic ram that is controlled by oil presure that is developed by an electrical driven oil pump. This type pump is better able to handle some of the underwater operation of these rams.

2. Electrical tabs. These are tabs that are driven by 12 volts electricity and have an internal motor which extends and retracts. The only issue with these tabs is that they are a bit more prone due to failure since a large share of the time, the rams are underwater. If a seal fails on the ram, the ram will surely fail.

Take care
Old 11-23-2006, 06:20 AM
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Default RE: Trim Tabs on 18 - 19 ft boat

I've had three fiberglass boats with trim tabs. Smallest was 20 ft. I use my tabs alot on Lake Erie. I use my tabs when the lake is too rough to get to planing speed without having tabs. Dropping the tabs allows the boat to get on plane at a slower speed, keeping the sharper entry part of the boat down, slicing through the water, and softening the ride. I also use the tabs when my load is unbalanced and I'm running with a list. Drop the tab on the low side to eliminate the list.

If neither of the situations I described above pertain to you, then you might not need trim tabs. I also have a 16 ft boat that I use on local (not Erie) lakes and rivers. On the 16 footer, I don't have the problem with rough water or occaisional list like I do my Erie boat. So I don't have tabs on my 16 footer.

If you do decide to purchase tabs, I highly recommend Bennetts. Their customer service is second to none. Also, you can find parts for Bennetts for as far back as they've made them. Jump over to thehulltruth.com. Tom the Tabman (of Bennett) has a forum there.
Old 11-23-2006, 07:56 AM
staylor staylor is offline
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Default RE: I ran tabs on a 16 ft boat....

Starcraft 16 ft lake fisherman, tiller w/25 Merc. I used this for fishing, but every so often my kids wanted me to pull them on tubes/skis and with the pull loads the boat carried the bow high and took a long time to plane- especially when the children got to be in their teens. I put on a set of "no longer available" Tempo manual tabs and the problem was fixed.
Old 12-04-2006, 08:50 PM
Mike Johnson
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Default RE: I ran tabs on a 16 ft boat....

Check out these Smart Tabs, they are run off nitrogen gas pistons or somthing. You don't have to run cables or anything. They are guarenteed to work or your money back. http://www.ebuyersworld.com/ST980-40...p/st980-40.htm
check it out.
Old 12-05-2006, 12:38 AM
John Rother
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Default RE: I ran tabs on a 16 ft boat....

I bought a set of these last year for my boat. I gained 2 mph and get on plane quickly. I recommend the smart tabs to everyone. it sure beats having to play with switches all the time like those bennet or lenco trim tabs. the site above has the best prices i've ever seen. wish i bought my set from them
Old 12-05-2006, 07:59 AM
ETT ETT is offline
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Default RE: I ran tabs on a 16 ft boat....

I ran these tabs on a 21' Ranger a few years back. They preformed well. There is adjustment available in the set up, and in the power of the pistons used.
A great addition to any under powered boat, or any the has a tendency to run bow high.
Old 12-07-2006, 02:28 PM
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Default RE: I ran tabs on a 16 ft boat....

Is there any information available on installation requirements? What is the overall size, will they install with a trolling motor or swim ladder? I have sent the seller an email but thought someone might know.
Old 12-07-2006, 02:59 PM
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Default RE: I ran tabs on a 16 ft boat....

My buddy put them on his 1950 tyee, they helped keep the bow down while pounding through lake erie chop, I rode in the boat many times before and after and I can tell you they do work great, they take some adjusting to get them just right but once that got figured out the boat rode alot better. They helped the boat get up on plane easier and kept the boat on plane at lower speeds. I will tell you also that he took them off once he re powered to a 200, prior he had a 115. The bigger motor propped right elinated the neeed for them after the fact. They also work well for leveling out the boat due to kicker on one side and big fisherman vs small guy(s) on the other side of the boat... They work great I would say go for them..He had the smart tabs with the actuators, they make different types for different boats, they are built in NE Ohio in Brecksville.

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