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Old 05-13-2009, 10:02 AM
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The Walleye Classic is this weekend. 100 boats with a lot of them being good sticks. If the touramnent 2 weeks ago didn't wake up the DNR, this weekend will!
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Old 05-13-2009, 10:42 AM
iowaperch iowaperch is offline
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Location: Forest CIty,Iowa
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now on tournaments like these do they release all the fish or no. also how do you get in on something like this i would assume there is a waiting list of some sort.
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Old 05-13-2009, 05:02 PM
Rlcrouse Rlcrouse is offline
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Go to Walleyepromotions.com for info on walleye touneys in IA. No waiting list.
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Old 05-13-2009, 06:33 PM
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The clear lake classic is under clearlakefishingclub.com not associated with walleye promotions. It has a waiting list to get in it only allows 100 teams. It may be a tough bite but there are always a few teams that figure it out. I do bet that half the field will not catch a legal fish though.
Good luck if you are entered,Tracy
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Old 05-17-2009, 06:25 PM
stebrichs stebrichs is offline
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Location: Algona, Iowa, USA.
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Default classic

Just returned from the classic. Spent 5 days over at Clear lake. In those 5 days we only caught 3 legal walleyes. Yes it was a tuff bite. I am sure it was won in the little lake. Didnt stay for the final weigh in. On day one i heard 48 teams never entered a fish. On day one only 75 fish were weighed in. Not good. We wieghed 2 fish today. I am positive that mother nature hates us. The dredging of the little lake has made a big differance. When the wind blows like it did on saturday it now gets very ruff in little lake. Never seen waves that big there. Anyways we had a great time and thanks to the Clear lake fishing club for doing a great job. Todd
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Old 05-24-2009, 08:36 PM
VJ_cyclones VJ_cyclones is offline
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Location: Clear Lake, IA, USA.
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Default Clear Lakes Fishery

I am not sure what everyone is complaining about. You claim to be true fishermen and believe in catch and release. Clear Lake is great fishing again this year. have been going out and catching 20+ walleyes a day. How much better can you get than that. Most are below 14" but who cares unless you are a meat "hog" and not a sport fisherman. Storm Lake has a slot limit and do you know what the average size of kept walleye was last year----12 and 1/2 inches. WOW what a fillet, sure hope we goto that.

And comparing us to Red Lake, Leech Lake and all the other lake that have been netted out through commercial fishing allowed to particular groups by our government and now finally placing some restrictions on them (fishermen did not kill those lakes either). Humm the similarity is unbelievable between those lakes and Clear Lake.

If the forage levels had been able to feed the fish levels Clear Lake was carrying, the harvest the last couple years would have been alot lower. The fish are running smaller because of available forage.

Sorry if I rambled but to hear people catching fish pretty much every time they go out complain because they can't butcher them because they are to short (ie. meat hogs), then complain about how the DNR is managing this lake and need to have a slot limit. Please go talk to your local experts to understand what is going on before you think you can solve a PERCIEVED problem better then the people who have spent their entire lives studying these eccosystems.
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Old 05-25-2009, 12:54 PM
Bob Jensen Bob Jensen is offline
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To Iowa Perch-

The two tournaments that were held on Clear Lake this year encourage live release and appear to be doing a very good job of achieving that. They have either bonus points for live release or penalty points for those that can't be released alive.

Interesting note about my trip to Wisconsin this past week and a connection to Clear Lake. In many parts of Wisconsin, the longtime guides are asking for a slot limit on most of the lakes, especially the smaller waters. Minimum length limit isn't working there either. Wisconsin River near the Dells has improved dramatically because of a slot.

While I will agree it is fun to catch fish when you go fishing, many people would rather catch 10 20 inchers than 20 10 inchers. They aren't meat hogs, they just feel that bigger fish are a better experience. In most bodies of water, it is better to filet a 13 incher than a 20 incher. With most slot limits you can take fish up to 17 inches, that's a perfect eater.

Some of the folks who fish Clear Lake and posted above are experts at determining fish populations and dynamics even though they don't wear DNR colors. Iowa Musky Tracy is an angler that I know. He would qualify as an expert angler in anyone's book. He and his dad catch lots of big fish and release them. They keep a few fish to eat. Nothing wrong with that.

Upper Red Lake, Leech, Mille Lacs, etc., aren't the only lakes that have slot limits. Many, many, many other lakes just like Clear Lake have slot limits, and they're all better fisheries because of the slot.

It has been proven time after time after time that a slot limit will provide better consistent fishing year after year than a minimum length limit. Lakes like Clear Lake that have minimum lengths will have periods of good fishing for nice sized fish, and periods of time when most of the fish are small.

We're all in this together, and everyone has different ideas what will work to enhance fishing. However, it is very clear that almost all bodies of water that have progressive regulations, even if there is "No Biological Reason" to do so, provide better fishing than lakes with minimum length limits.

Best Fishes,

Bob Jensen
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Old 09-12-2009, 05:46 PM
northernlight northernlight is offline
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Angry Do something Iowa DNR

Dredging is just the start to improving walleye fishing.The lake needs a walleye slot of 18-26inches with 1 being kept over 26.Get rid of min length! Teach and enforce catch and release!Spend the money for enforcement.The biggest offenders live within a 10-mile radius of the lake!
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Old 09-20-2009, 08:40 PM
toofeweyes toofeweyes is offline
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Location: COLFAX, WI, DUNN.
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Default slots that work

I'm a fan of slot regulations also and during 45 years of fishing I've seen many lakes where they have worked out VERY well and a few in which they didn't. One of the greatest comebacks I've personally been involved with is Eagle Lake in Ontario(just south of Vermilion Bay. My father took me there 7 different times between 1959 and 1971. I returned on my own in1982 and 1992. When my Dad took me, the fishing seemed unbelievable but as time passed the numbers and quality of fish kept coming down. On my trip in 1982 all I heard was how bad it was and we caught Very few fish. I went back in 1992 and discovered they had implemented a slot plan for walleyes, muskies,northern, and smallies and had also set it up as a 1 trophy fish limit for all species. I don't remember how they treated pan fish but I do remember there was a lot of complaining from the locals about the small limit on them. The fishing in 1992 was much better than it had been in 1982 because of what they had done. I've talked to a couple friends that have been there 4 times since 2000 and they can't believe how incredibly good the fishing has gotten. I really wish the Wisconsin DNR would become more prone to slot usage as they seem to favor minimum size limits which have not had any success that I've been aware of.

my 25 cents worth
Throw the big eyes back so we don't end up with too few eyes!
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Old 10-08-2009, 04:07 PM
bdirks's Avatar
bdirks bdirks is offline
Slot Fish
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Sorry that I am a little late to this conversation but I have a classic example of a minimum length requirement and a protective slot doing great things for a lake that is similar.

I recently moved from the Madison, WI metro to Iowa. I frequently fished Lake Wisconsin, a reservoir on the Wisconsin River that is 20 minutes from the capitol square in downtown Madison. It is located between the Wisconsin Dells dam and the Prairie du Sac dam. Total lake size is 9,000 acres. Lake Wisconsin is open year round and has a 15" minimum length and a protective slot on Walleyes, Saugers, and Saugeyes of 20" to 28" with one fish over 28". The limit is 5 fish per day (mixed between the 3 species), 10 possessions. They also have a 20 fish limit on Crappies. Lake Wisconsin is currently producing Walleyes, Saugers, and Saugeyes in all sizes. On any trip you catch good numbers of "shorts", a good number of very healthy keepers, and you also have a very good opportunity to catch some really nice slots and an "over." I personally have caught a Sauger that was a mere 2 ounces short of the Wisconsin State record with other people now claiming that they have caught fish over the record. The only down side is that you can't keep those fish or certify them because they are in the slot. This year three nights in a row, a friend and I boated a Walleye every night that went over 27". If you look at the photo galleries for many of the area guides, like Joel Ballweg, they frequently catch very healthy slots and overs with near regularity. Also the fishery is producing frequent limit catches of Crappies in the 10" to 16" range with the numerous fish in your limit being 14" to 16". The Crappie limit, minimum length, and slot are doing a great job on Lake Wisconsin. This also holds true for Lake Pettenwell, another reservoir further upstream on the Wisconsin River.

Having seen the results of the minimum length and slot first hand I would add that "meat" fishermen are only hurting themselves by fighting a slot and minimum length. They could be limiting out on good eaters 15"-17" rather than struggling to fillet out 12" and 13" fish. I would think that in the case of Clear Lake, a smaller body with many more limitations with regard to natural spawning, a minimum length and slot would be a no brainer. With so few opportunities to catch Walleyes in the State of Iowa you would think that the IDNR would want to make those opportunities "quality" opportunities.

Just my two cents,
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