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Old 04-17-2010, 07:22 PM
mikenannie mikenannie is offline
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Question Two Livewells, One Valve?

I just bought a used 2003 Polar Kraft 168 SC and I'm having some trouble understanding the livewell system.

The boat has 2 livewells, one in front, and one in the transom area. The system uses a Flow-rite V3 - 3 position valve, one pump to fill the wells, and an aerator for both filling and recirculating. (I believe)

I'd like to understand how this system works. On the outside of the transom, there is one intake port and two drain ports for the wells. Yesterday, I had to pull the valve to find out why the actuator on the console would not allow me to move from Empty to Recirculate, and would barely move to Auto from Empty. Problem - I found a rusty nail inside the valve. After several hours of working through an 8 inch hole in the transom, I was able to remove, fix - remove the nail, and replace the valve. Now the actuator and the valve move smoothly through all 3 positions - still not water tested though.

What I don't understand is how both livewells can drain through this one valve? There is only one hose entering the valve and one hose exiting the transom from the output of the valve. The valve input hose doesn't appear to have a 'T' in it so it can service both wells.

The other transom drain appears to be from the overflow drain on both livewells, but I'm not sure of that. Without removing the floor, it's impossible to know how all the hoses are connected. All I can see is what's at the transom.

The dealer has been useless in explaining how this system works or is plumbed.

If anyone has a similar system and can tell me anything about how it is plumbed, or how it all works, I'd be very grateful.

2003 Polar Kraft 168 SC, 50 hp Johnson
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Old 04-17-2010, 07:27 PM
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yarcraft91 yarcraft91 is online now
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Call Godfrey Marine Customer Service. Phone 574.522.8381. They made the boat, so they can explain it.
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Old 04-23-2010, 04:53 AM
mikenannie mikenannie is offline
Join Date: Apr 2010
Location: Indiana
Posts: 3

Update for others with similar questions.

I called the manufacturer and learned the following about my Polar Kraft. Other boats may work the same way.

First, the front livewell is not connected in any way to the transom livewell. I thought they might be due to the recirculate function and the Flow-rite valve. The front livewell does not use the flow-rite valve and to fill it, you need to put the plug in the drain located in the bottom of the well. To empty, pull the plug.

Second, the livewell on the transom uses the Flow-rite V3 valve to control the functions of that well. It will fill, recirc., and empty based on the Flow-rite actuator on the console. The Flow-rite actuator on the side of the console controls the valve for this livewell. On the dash, the ACC switch turns on the pump for this well. The other 'livewell' switch on the dash controls the pump and aerator for the front livewell.

Water in the front livewell can splash over the lip of the well, between the lip and the underside of the deck, if it's not sealed airtight. Therefore, you can get water in the bottom of the boat if the water in the well sloshes around while you are up and on plane. The water in the bottom of the boat will be pumped out by the bilge pump.

To correct this issue, you can purchase some sealing foam and spray that along the top inside of the livewell to seal the livewell to the deck. I doubt that I'll mess with this since the rear livewell is more than sufficient for my panfish fishing.

The rear livewell holds fish better than the front due to the use of the Flow-rite valve. The Flow-rite valve allows water to exit via the drain, and it also has a pump attached that can pull water into the transom well via the outside drain. The front livewell, that is not using the Flow-rite valve, has a second pump that pulls in water from directly below the engine - not via a drain.

Apparently, only 1 Polar Kraft boat has a separate Flow-rite valve for each livewell - it's their 19' 10" model.
2003 Polar Kraft 168 SC, 50 hp Johnson
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