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Old 12-24-2011, 04:45 PM
adeloren adeloren is offline
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Default Fisherman series vs Reata series dash

I have been looking at some new Rangers. Why doesnt ranger put the same dash layout on the fishermans on the reata series? They seem so much better and you can have bigger screens flush mounted in them. Just doesnt make any sense to me. Please explain.

Long time reader, first time poster.

merry christmas!
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Old 12-25-2011, 04:18 AM
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BW BW is offline
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They did put better dashes in them until 08', then someone had the genius idea of screwing it up!!!! I think there thought process was that it was suppose to be more of a fun boat and having a dash mounted finder would work, but I hate that thought. Mine is on a RAM mount where I can move it. That is one of the few screwups that Ranger has done over the years in my opinion. Maybe it helped with selling the Angler series too??? I would love someone from Ranger to explain that one on here!!! They also took out the under dash storage too, which was another mistake. Find an 08' or older and the dash is better!
08' 1850 Reata
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Old 12-25-2011, 02:05 PM
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Default Ranger Dash layout

I agree with the dash setups.

I was recently at Cabela's looking at the Reata and noticed this small dash insert for a 5" screen. Both fisherman and the Reata should have a flatter dash capable of mounting Ram mounts for large screens or perhaps two 5" models.

I think Ranger would have an even better selling Reata if they could make it more like a the Fisherman model as far as the Rod locker layout. The nice point of the Reata is all the cockpit room for fighting fish, moving lines etc plus the rear kick up seats. But I wish the Rod locker on the Reata was more like the Fisherman. I suppose everything is a tradeoff.

I think it would be nice also, if they removed the cupholders from the molds in the floor. If I can afford $45k boat, I think I can afford some portable cup holders near the dash or mounted in Bert's track etc; those cups holders mounted in the floor just take up useable space and you kick them constantly in the rear.

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Old 12-25-2011, 10:04 PM
PitchinJigs PitchinJigs is offline
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It was a mistake (imo) for Ranger to abandon the previous console and go with the "sport" console beginning in 2009. At least they could offer a sport and fisherman option on the consoles. They still use the old style on the 1750.... I'd like to see the same console used on the 2050 offered on the 1850. Personally, I really do not like in dash mounting. I like the flexibility of the RAM mount, plus you can remove your electronics to prevent theft. There are many other advantages to the these consoles vs the "sport" console, and BW touched on the under console storage.

There are a couple other things that would be nice on the 1850... 1) have an option to convert the in floor storage to maximize rod storage, 2) rework the port side storage to remove the tackle box and turn the rods around (tips going towards the bow) to allow for some longer rods.

While I'd like to see a Reata/Angler cross (full rod locker and flip up seats), I don't see them doing this. I would be fine being able to get 10 -12 rods within the in floor storage. The cup holders not being in the floor would be nice too, but again, I don't see them making that change.

I plan to contact Ranger again to bring these ideas up in hopes that they will make some changes for the 2013 line-up.
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Old 12-26-2011, 07:54 AM
BW's Avatar
BW BW is offline
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Elbow Lake, MN
Posts: 1,816

The Reata was made for the family fisherman who liked to play as much as fish. The original boat was really set up for a more serious fisherman in my opinion, that is why I went from a 619 to the 1850. More family friendly and a much bigger floor layout. If they made the 1850 like the fisherman exactly, you would have a hard time justifying paying 10 grand or more to go to a fisherman design. These are meant to be a more entry level Ranger and they have sold a lot of these boats. If you are all about fishing, tournaments, etc. than the fisherman series is more your boat.

Personally, I think they changed the Reata to be more ski boat in 09', cause they were having a hard time selling Anglers. The only advantage the Angler has is the raised rod locker. Otherwise you lose the side rod locker and front storage that the Reata has and the compartments under the jump seats are larger than the compartments in the rear of the Angler. I can fit more rods in the floor of my Reata than in the rod locker of the Angler, although not as organized. (No, they have never gotten wet). I like being able to change the bow configuration also, depending on what we are doing. It is the most versatile fishing/family boat out there, why do you think every other manufacturer copied it??? Lund, Triton, etc.........
08' 1850 Reata
Evinrude 150 Etec
Yamaha T-8
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Old 12-27-2011, 08:08 AM
TJL009 TJL009 is offline
Slot Fish
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I agree that the previous dash layout was better. If you order your Ranger you can get a modification to the dash which will hold a HDS 8 nicely (see attached). It's not flush mounted but it is a clean look. It does limit the flexibility of movement. I haven't checked it out on my boat but I wonder if a guy could put a Ram mount in there instead of the Lowrance bracket and gain some freedom of movement?

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