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Old 02-19-2012, 06:43 PM
Tourney Guy
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Default Seriously??

"I can say this; the number one complaint about tournaments from local businesses is every participant expects discounts just because they came to town. When the city, town or area is paying for an event, the event and participants are not the customers…the city, town or area is."

Seriously Double G??? Number one complaint, and every participant??? I've been to a number of tournament sites over the years and have never heard that complaint from businesses. Of course I've never asked them what their number one complaint was. I have heard them comment that they enjoy the brief spike in business/sales while the anglers are in town. Never expected a discount or something free when I came to town. Guess that doesn't fit with the every participant comment. I guess it never crossed my mind and never will that the local businesses "owe" me something. I will say this though, it was very nice and much appreciated when the bait shop in Spring Valley, IL had free hot dogs and sodas for the anglers last year. I know we made sure we did business with them, and will in the future. We felt like we owed them something. This Spring Valley reference is just one example of the many that are out there.
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Old 02-19-2012, 09:04 PM
GiddyGills GiddyGills is offline
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Default You’re darn right

Being badgered for discounts is the number one complaint from local businesses! The local establishments are not there to subsidize anybody’s hobby or business, that is the responsibility of individual sponsors and the participant themselves. The participant is the customer to the event, the event is a customer to the city and like it or not, the participants are the event.

Lake of the Woods is not Spring Valley. Lake of the Woods is the number one area in the nation for walleye fishing and the entire area is set-up and based around fishing. A tournament brings absolutely nothing new or unseen to that area besides the group of people fishing it at one time, I’ll even bet the residents have seen and caught much larger walleye than what the tournament participants will hook into. As a participant you can’t waltz into a city built on fishing, sustained by fishing with the complete tourism and commerce revolved around fishing and expect discounts and pampering because…YOU’RE FISHING! Spring Valley’s commerce is not based on fishing around the clock as is the case with Baudette, which is irreverent because if you cannot comprehend the inherent problem with the overall marketing mismanagement revolved around the philosophy there is no hope anyway.

These communities are investing in your hobby when they do not need to…treat them that way. Going around expecting to be the recipient of a kid glove treatment instead of the ones wearing them highlights the mentality that has stiffened the resentment in the public for tournaments in general. Tournaments could develop into great, viable commodities for communities which would cause municipalities to constantly be afoot chasing the tournaments instead of the other way around. You become a commodity when multiple areas are bidding against each other for your service and that will only happen when substantial returns are made on the investments.

Perception is everything.

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Old 02-20-2012, 02:17 PM
Papascott Papascott is offline
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Gills, I can see that could be a common complaint among resort owners, hotels, etc. Personally being a tournament angler has nothing to do with asking for a discount on a hotel or rental. ITS COMMON PRACTICE! I always ask for a discount on every hotel room. If I'm staying for a week like many do for tournaments or vacation or business its almost always a cheaper rate often times not advertised or offer but almost always given upon request.

Out of curiosity have you ever asked for a discount at a hotel or resort?
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Old 02-20-2012, 03:46 PM
GiddyGills GiddyGills is offline
Join Date: Jul 2009
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 450

Do I belong to a rewards program with some national lodging establishments…yes. Do I ask for a special discount from a random business just because I’m in town…no.

Hotels give automatic discounts dependant on the purpose of the stay just as resorts give automatic price breaks (package deals) dependant on the amount of people per room, these discounts have been predetermined upon establishment of policies for each business and are built into the total operation cost and profitability of the business. Totally different than walking into an establishment whose profit margins are tight and have not established built in price margins that are varied upon each individual customer.

A Holiday Inn automatic built in discount for business travelers lies on the opposite end of the spectrum from suggesting a discount be given by a small independent sport shop, motel or restaurant. If the discount is offered by the establishment that is one thing, but what I am concerned about is the mentality that local business should provide a discount based on nothing more than your presence inside of the building. Everyone needs to make a living and some tournament participants are suggesting that family businesses should forego part of their income to benefit people perusing their hobby, people in many cases who are wealthier than the individuals they are asking the subsidy from.

If a sport shop wants to supply hotdogs and soda on their own bidding then by all means chow down! I just find it disturbing when the generosity of one is suddenly placed as an expectation on everyone else, even going as far as discouraging patronizing establishments because of a lack of the predetermined expected gratitude. There are many, many businesses that do not have cushion room to be delving out (in my opinion) undeserving discounts, and to bar them from receiving the financial benefit that an event is supposed to have upon community (that they are already paying for) because of the preconceived notion some may have that they are a more important customer than everyone else who walks in the door is unsettling.

The event is a paid entertainment entity, the city is the paying customer…and unless you can point to an entourage of over 200 people there to specifically see you as an individual fisherman I would suggest keeping expectations and implied notoriety and importance in check.

It is too late if you have to make a second impression because the first one did not go so well.
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