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Old 05-08-2000, 10:33 PM
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Default trailer tire cupping problem-help!

I have '97 Tuff trail trailer with 14" radial tires. Recently I noticed the inside of the left tire- passenger side sitting in boat has abnormal wear on the inside. I know that some trailers are cantered to ride the crown of the road - does tuff trail do this for their trailers? Could this be why this has worn like this. I pulled the hub and bearing apart and looked them over and repacked them- looked tight and fine. Axle doesn't appear to be be bent in anyway. The tire seems to be a bit bulged at the area it is worn- could it be a radial broke to make this happen. I would appreciate any ideas you may have. Thanks-
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Old 05-09-2000, 01:38 AM
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Default RE: trailer tire cupping problem-help!

Several possible problems:
1. Bad tire - broken belt.
2. Out of balance tire -- do you balance your trailer tires n a regular basis?
3. Wheels out of alignment. Take the trailer to a good alignment shop, and have the alignment checked. Sometimes a very small misalignment can cause a terrific amount of unusual tire wear.

In you case, where only one tire is wearing on a few spots, it sounds very much like you might simply have a bad tire.

Take care

Old 05-09-2000, 07:32 AM
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Default RE: trailer tire cupping problem-help!

Rewind is right on track. Radial tires are somewhat prone to two defects. A mostly invisible condition called radial tire pull happens when slight ply separations occur. The natural propensity for the tire to roll straight is affected by off-design ply angles. Tires that are layed up on a mandrel and heat pressed and vulcanized suffer this more than the segmented mold style. The other condition is a more severe ply separation where a slight bulge may occur. This causes irregular tire wear, such as cupping, felt vibration, and sometimes blowout. I would also check to ensure that the axle/tires are aligned to the medial plane or natural centerline of the trailer, and that no out of spec toe or camber conditions exist. It has been suggested that tire wear while towing on curvy roads such as mountain roads is better accomplished with a slight positive camber to offset the load bias on the tire as weight is transferred side to side. This is true only on radial tires however. When you shop for tires, look for high ply ratings on both the tread and sidewall for increased handling feel. Hope we've helped you a little! Good luck.
Old 05-09-2000, 05:23 PM
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Default RE: trailer tire cupping problem-help!


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