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Doug Steinwart 3/29/00

[20:03:40] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight Doug Steinwart !!!!!!!!!
[20:03:46] Drift'r: Welcome Huron Boat Basin !!!!!!!!
[20:03:49] mikej: hi Doug
[20:03:54] slip-bobber(MT): clap,clap, clap
[20:03:56] Buckets(Pa): hi doug
[20:03:57] Drift'r: hi doug
[20:03:57] eyefish(mi): Welcome Doug Clap clap clap
[20:03:57] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap welcome parks
[20:03:58] slip-bobber(MT): Hi Doug
[20:03:59] #1 saugeye: welcome, Doug
[20:04:09] Huron Parks: Hi
[20:04:10] Jim(Alberta): greetings Doug!
[20:04:10] Pete[Oh]: hi Doug
[20:04:10] RoyG(PA): clap clap clap
[20:04:14] Melonbob(ON): oops!!! Clap clap clap
[20:04:18] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:04:20] donyar/mi: hello Doug
[20:04:28] Huron Parks: How is everyone tonight
[20:04:33] ebijack: welcome doug, how about starting us off with a little info
[20:04:43] Pete[Oh]: just great and you
[20:05:04] Melonbob(ON): cold, but otherwise alright.....(: You?
[20:05:04] Huron Parks: currently we are exploring property for a new boat ramp
[20:05:35] Huron Parks: we welcome any comments or suggestions to what brings the
best ramp
[20:05:53] naildriver: hello doug
[20:06:06] Bo: why does huron need a boat ramp?
[20:06:13] Huron Parks: does anyone fish out of the huron river
[20:06:19] ebijack: doug, is there a size limit already in mind for trailers etc?
[20:06:25] Pete[Oh]: yes
[20:06:26] Swat1: Yes I do Doug
[20:06:29] Juls (WI): oh, were you the one that posted the question on the message
board about boat ramps? got alot of good responses
[20:07:14] Juls (WI): hehe the most important to me is being able to back straight in
without having to make odd cornering...know what I mean? ;-)
[20:07:21] Huron Parks: yes walleye central has helped open our eyes for the need for
more boating access in huron
[20:07:27] Juls (WI): cool
[20:07:32] Huron Parks: yes
[20:07:35] Bo: there is already a few ramps....it would be stupid for the city to waste
money on another
[20:07:52] Pete[Oh]: not really
[20:07:57] Juls (WI): will this be a new ramp or just upgrading old ones?
[20:08:00] Huron Parks: There is state funding for these types of projects
[20:08:12] Swat1: Huron needs a good paved ramp for the bigger boats
[20:08:46] ebijack: huron needs a ramp that's not at a 45 deg angle or worse!
[20:08:57] Pete[Oh]: will this be a fee ramp?
[20:09:00] Bo: how big of boat
[20:09:07] Huron Parks: yes
[20:09:12] Dan(oh): Any idea where the ramp will be
[20:09:18] Bo: of course it's huron
[20:09:28] eyefish(mi): is there such a thing as a free ramp
[20:09:32] Bo: they charge for everything
[20:09:36] Huron Parks: we are exploring options for different property in huron
[20:09:45] Pete[Oh]: oh, i get it now Bo doesn't like Huron
[20:09:47] Buckets(Pa): in pa all ramps are free into lake erie eye fish
[20:09:51] slip-bobber(MT): Any ramp that is 45 degrees or better NEEDS to be replaced 
[20:10:38] Duckman (OH): How many actual ramps are they looking to put in?
[20:10:40] Pete[Oh]: will it be on the river or the lake side
[20:10:44] Huron Parks: we are looking into a ramp facility that will be paved have
restrooms and also a fish cleaning station
[20:10:56] Huron Parks: 3 or 4 ramps
[20:11:00] Juls (WI): sounds great !!
[20:11:21] RoyG(PA): big docks and lots of parking too?
[20:11:31] ebijack: doug, what about overnight stays
[20:12:05] Huron Parks: they will be referred to the huron boat basin
[20:12:24] Dan(oh): are you looking across the river from the present ramp?
[20:12:33] Duckman (OH): How soon do they expect to have this facility open?
[20:12:41] Huron Parks: that is one of our options
[20:13:21] Huron Parks: not for two years
[20:13:30] ebijack: doug, is the only space available open to launch in the river?
[20:13:37] Drift'r: are boaters allowed to anchor over nite in the launch area bays
[20:14:31] Huron Parks: are options are open as far as property goes
[20:15:36] Pete[Oh]: Doug, is there anything suitable on the east side of the river north
of Rt. 6
[20:15:56] ebijack: doug, what kind of size is in the planning for space, 100 parking
spots? more?
[20:16:27] Huron Parks: there is a large piece of property that is not developed that we
are looking into that is north of Rt 6
[20:16:41] Huron Parks: 100 plus paved parking spots
[20:16:59] Huron Parks: any suggestions to the location?
[20:17:34] Huron Parks: does anyone not ramp out of huron because of existing
[20:17:40] Pete[Oh]: ok know where you mean that would be great good luck
[20:18:25] Dan(oh): you don't have to many options
[20:18:33] ebijack: doug, lots of us only visit there once or twice a year here from
[20:18:51] ebijack: but a new ramp is needed!
[20:18:57] Huron Parks: by the way Huron boat basin is holding the 2000 lemta/USFA
May 20
[20:19:02] Pete[Oh]: yes i do when i can 
[20:19:10] Swat1: if there were someplace close that had a good ramp I might Doug
[20:20:52] ebijack: doug, how far along are the plans for a ramp as of right now
[20:21:48] Swat1: One thing I think that would be needed Doug is ample paved
parking at the ramping facility
[20:21:50] ebijack: doug, how about provisions for a larger ramp to where the pwt , ptw
etc could launch from
[20:21:59] Huron Parks: we are seeing if it is feesable to go on with this project right
[20:22:36] Pete[Oh]: why wouldn't it
[20:22:52] Dan(oh): what about buying the ramp that is there
[20:23:21] ebijack: 100 parking spots isn't enough
[20:23:24] Swat1: Space for parking would still be a consideration there though Dan
[20:23:28] Huron Parks: that is always a possibility
[20:24:05] Huron Parks: It is hard to find enough acreage on the lake or river
[20:24:18] ebijack: doug, would the ramp be a 24hr ramp?
[20:24:43] Dan(oh): what about south of the R.R tracks?
[20:24:45] Huron Parks: yes it would
[20:25:10] Drift'r: would they charge for its use 24 hrs a day?
[20:25:25] Huron Parks: yes
[20:25:28] ebijack: doug, what about security
[20:25:47] Huron Parks: yes that is a possibility
[20:26:14] Huron Parks: we have looked into security cameras for nighttime use
[20:26:46] Huron Parks: Dan, do you have any ideas for property
[20:27:00] Swat1: A good ramp with security would be a real plus for drawing people to the area I would think
[20:27:07] ebijack: doug, planing for pre-launch space would be critical
[20:27:13] Huron Parks: we do to
[20:27:50] Huron Parks: thank you and I welcome any suggestions for this to be a
successful ramp
[20:28:02] ebijack: the line up last year was a bit of a problem waiting for boats to
[20:28:23] Swat1: How much additional land is there between Carls and the marina to
the North Doug?
[20:28:41] Pete[Oh]: if you build it we will come
[20:28:51] ebijack: you got that right pete
[20:28:51] Swat1: :-)))
[20:29:00] Huron Parks: not enough to hold a ramp facility
[20:29:31] Swat1: I was thinking of additional parking there more than a boat ramp
[20:29:59] Huron Parks: the state owns that property under the bridge
[20:30:00] ebijack: mikej and richard, what do you guys like best in a ramp facility
[20:30:20] Swat1: Would they buy into this project?
[20:30:21] mikej: it to be deep enough to launch a boat!
[20:30:22] Pete[Oh]: easy access
[20:30:44] mikej: lots of parking
[20:30:56] Huron Parks: not likely from the state
[20:31:00] mikej: multiple ramps
[20:31:19] RichardM(AB): parking and several ramps 
[20:31:24] Swat1: Ok it was a hope....lol
[20:31:43] mikej: I like deep ramps 
[20:31:47] Huron Parks: thanks for the suggestions
[20:32:03] RichardM(AB): protection from the wind
[20:32:20] Swat1: I agree with Richard with Mikes suggestion of a deep ramp too but
not to steep
[20:32:21] Pete[Oh]: my thoughts that you would need at least a four lane ramp at
[20:32:22] mikej: Thats real important!
[20:33:42] ebijack: doug, i guess for the ramp to draw tourney's, you'd need at least
200 parking spots +
[20:33:49] Huron Parks: Where do most people fish in the fall on lake erie?
[20:34:12] Drift'r: i fish central basin
[20:34:17] Huron Parks: property and money are two setbacks
[20:34:18] Swat1: Doug What about Con Agra would they be willing to go in on any of
this with you? They have lots of area there and it is deep water too?
[20:34:41] Swat1: I fish Huron almost exclusively in the Fall
[20:34:44] Pete[Oh]: i do most of mine north and to the east
[20:35:02] Huron Parks: the city owns a ore dock over there but no access to it
[20:35:09] Pete[Oh]: of Huron
[20:35:12] Drift'r: the fish are central & east in the fall
[20:35:38] Bo: it's a coal dock
[20:35:53] Pete[Oh]: Huron is just a good place to go out of in the fall
[20:36:06] Drift'r: we see allot of people from the west over here
[20:36:11] Bo: and con agra would never give up any land
[20:36:21] Swat1: The bite off Huron in the fall is one of the best on the lake
[20:36:27] Huron Parks: who has used lorains new ramps?
[20:36:33] ebijack: lots of night fishing there in the fall
[20:36:35] Drift'r: in novermber I agree
[20:36:40] Swat1: At the Hot waters?
[20:37:13] Huron Parks: yes, how do you like hot waters ramps?
[20:37:28] Swat1: Those are nice but a bit shallow. Nice facility though
[20:38:22] Huron Parks: Bo where would you suggest a boat ramp in huron?
[20:38:41] Swat1: Plenty of room and the walk to parking isn't bad either
[20:39:07] ebijack: doug, are there plans set to hold a percentage of parking spots
open during tournament use for non-pro's?
[20:39:14] Bo: where do you plan on putting all this extra parking
[20:39:42] Huron Parks: No it would be first come first serve
[20:40:32] Huron Parks: do you have any ideas of property locations?
[20:40:54] Bo: there isn't enough parking in the existing lot to hold a tourney
[20:41:30] ebijack: any state land avail.?
[20:41:45] Swat1: Bo You sound like you are against this project. Please give us your
opinion (s) against this if I am correct in my observation.
[20:42:15] Pete[Oh]: ya me too
[20:42:33] Huron Parks: no state land, but railroad property maybe
[20:42:44] ebijack: doug, right now the huron ramp is very limited in what it can provide
[20:43:26] Huron Parks: since the railroad property merger it has been a long process
working with them as far as long term leases or selling land
[20:43:40] ebijack: doug, is the low water creating even more of a problem?
[20:43:55] Bo: No....i'm just stating the obvious, besides, who are you swat1 and why
are you speaking on behalf of the Parks
[20:44:25] Huron Parks: a slight problem but the existing facilities in huron are improving their ramps
[20:44:42] ebijack: were all here to try to get a better ramp availability for fishing huron
[20:45:14] Swat1: I'm Not speaking on behalf of anyone except a fisherman who drops
well over 3 grand a year in your town for fishing lodging food and gas and I would love
to see a better ramping facility to use
[20:45:34] mikej: good point Swat1
[20:45:56] Drift'r: any way to cut the red tape with the RR
[20:46:06] Huron Parks: this is the reason why we don't want to loose anymore tourist
money coming to the town
[20:46:57] Huron Parks: the railroad has more power than most small countries :)
[20:47:04] ebijack: fishing has proven to generate millions into the economy of where
tourney's etc are held
[20:47:15] Pete[Oh]: there's a few of us on here that would like to see better facilities in
Huron for the money we spend there
[20:47:44] Huron Parks: this is why the huron parks and recreation dept. is exploring
ramp options
[20:48:22] Drift'r: how about political help...state reps, ect
[20:48:32] ebijack: what about a deck type parking/ramp structure?
[20:48:49] Huron Parks: not familiar with that
[20:48:58] Drift'r: aproach on the sportsman vote
[20:49:13] Huron Parks: state reps have helped huron before
[20:49:18] ebijack: me either doug, just a thought
[20:49:35] Swat1: Any of you folks here that have never been to Huron OH for the fall
or May June bite should try it. Huron is a great spot for Eyes and the Bass folks should
run out of there too as Ruggles beach is a real hot bed for smallies
[20:50:04] mikej: You'll have a gas in Nov we did!
[20:50:24] sheila: yes, good time in November!
[20:50:47] Juls (WI): great time at huron in november...;-)
[20:50:56] ebijack: a gathering room for the walleyecentral get together and cook outs
would be nice at the ramp 
[20:51:01] mikej: is there a get together there this year?
[20:51:12] Pete[Oh]: lets face it Huron is the center of some pretty good fishing
[20:51:18] Juls (WI): im sure there is...just no details yet
[20:51:22] ebijack: scott and rick say every year from now on
[20:51:23] Swat1: If you want to see the type of fish we are talking about here go to
the Kids corner here on Walleye Centrals main page and look at the picture of Shawn
Wyma with 2 he took last fall off Huron
[20:51:23] mikej: great fishing
[20:51:27] Drift'r: every year mike
[20:51:42] mikej: I hope to make it this year
[20:52:45] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:53:26] Huron Parks: thank you all for letting me host this site tonight
[20:53:41] Huron Parks: May all your fishing stories come true
[20:53:41] ebijack: thanks doug!!!!!!!!!!
[20:53:42] Swat1: Thanks Doug for a great chat
[20:53:48] naildriver: good job host 
[20:53:52] Drift'r: thanks doug !!!!!!
[20:53:53] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Huron Parks...
[20:53:55] jigman/ont: thanks 
[20:53:56] RoyG(PA): thank you very much doug
[20:54:14] Juls (WI): good luck with your project Doug
[20:54:22] ebijack: good luck with getting the ramp doug!
[20:54:30] mikej: did the emails help any huron?
[20:54:38] Huron Parks: good fishing and a healthy year to all 
[20:54:38] Pete[Oh]: anything else we can do let us know
[20:54:40] sheila: Best wishes and good luck, with support it'll happen
[20:54:46] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:54:51] Swat1: Sure hope it works out for Huron Doug I think it would be a great
[20:56:27] Huron Parks: yes they did, we welcome the comments and any more
questions or comments please email me at dsteinwart@cityofhuron.

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