Lighthouse Anglers Club

"The Club will be devoted to the propagation and restoration of all forms of gamefish and their habitat; to enlighten the uninitiated in the pleasures of fishing; to encourage and instruct the young people in the art; to teach the principles of more productive fishing; to bring together people interested in these objective for their mutual enjoyment and benefit."

Membership in the Lighthouse Anglers Fishing Club of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is open to all interested persons. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at the Fond du Lac American Legion Clubhouse at 7PM.

Meetings include... the board member's reports, fish talk; where people talk about any fishing they have done and share info with other club members, monthly speakers ranging from a DNR game warden to various fishing guides and professional fisherman from the area. And there are great raffle prizes at every meeting!

There are no restrictions regarding race, color, creed, lack of creed, or members sex. The Lighthouse Anglers encourage all members to take an active part, in not only the Club activities, but also in the duties of running of the Club. The saying "what you get out of an organization is in a direct ratio to what you are willing to put into the organization" does apply to the Lighthouse Anglers. Any volunteered hours are most appreciated.

Club Activities include.....

-Monthly Outings on various lakes (Winnebago, Michigan, Mendota, just to name a few). Even ice fishing!

-Yearly awards banquet with great prizes! Angler of the year is awarded and various other awards as well.

-Helping at Walleye Weekend in Fond du Lac

-Our own club Walleye tournament on Lake Winnebago, open to all members and their immediate family.

- Helping at other activities outside the Club that helps children, and the disabled to enjoy the wonderful sport of fishing.

- The Club is also active in anything dealing with our fisheries. If we see that there will be some kind of a problem, we will try our hardest for the best outcome to preserve our fishery.

Contact Brett for more information.
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