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Owasco Lake Anglers Association
1470 Gunn Road, Genoa, NY 13071

Our club doesn't have tournaments, we are focused at this time upon the reestablishment of a walleye fishery in Owasco Lake.  We raise fingerlings and stock them. . . LOTS of them!  Over 80,000 in the past 3 summers.  We received our first report of spawning 3-year-old fish in a feeder stream this week!  The club's officers are as follows:

President:  Michael Breed (607) 756-7424
Vice President: Alan Kozlowski (315) 252-5850
Secretary: Greg Sczcepanski (315) 252-0445
Treasurer: Brian Payson (315) 497-2869
Walleye Propagation Chairman: Chet Crosby (315) 252-6638

We meet at times announced in the Auburn Citizen (~6 times per year) at Christy's Lakehouse at Cascade on Owasco Lake.

I can be reached via E-mail at MBreed7503@aol.com


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