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Backwater Eddy

Captain Julia (Juls) Davis

Sam Anderson

Ron Anlauf

Bret Baker

Brett Beebe

Ron Boggs

Greg Bohn

Brian "Bro" Brosdahl

Mark Brumbaugh

Doug Burns

John Campbell

Johnnie Candle

Daryl Christensen

Colin Crawford

Gary Enberg

Paul Folden

Dennis Foster

Mike Gofron

Perry Good

Gary Gray

Ross Grothe

Skip Guindon

Dale Helgeson

Scott Hogland

Tom Huggler

Bob Jensen

Mike Jensen

Dave Kidd

John Kolinski

Andy Kuffer

Mark Leadens

Bill Leonard

Leon Luker

Mark Martin

Grant McAllister

Mike McClelland

Sheldon Meidinger

Michael Meyer Jr.

Jason Mitchell

Troy Morris

Ralph Muccilli

Mike Norris

Rick Olson

Bill Ortiz

Kim Papineau

Capt. Marty Papke

Mike Peluso

Tony Puccio

Dave Randash

Jim Randash

Bill Reabe

Bob Riege

Phil Rolfe

Mark Romanack

Bruce Samson

Keith Segar

Jonathan Shoemaker

Tommy Skarlis

Ted Takasaki

Steve Tyser

John Vance

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