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Ted Takasaki

Ted Takasaki is a top professional Hall of Fame angler who has competed on both the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) and the FLW Walleye Tour.  He won the prestigious PWT Classic Championship in 1998 and still holds the all time tournament record for a one day limit of 5 walleyes, which weighed an amazing 53.2 pounds!  He has been featured in many national outdoor magazines and has appeared on numerous fishing television shows.  Ted is considered one of America’s leading walleye experts.

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Ted's Tips
Ted's Latest Articles
Muskie Basics: Locations, Timing, and Lures
March 24, 2015
No matter the lure you are throwing, always do a ‘figure-8’ at boatside after every cast. When trolling lures, speed up and slow down, in addition to making sharp ’S’ turns with your boat. The change of speed and direction are key strike inducers.
Greenbackin’ for Lethargic Fish
February 16, 2015
A key part of Greenbacking consists of a 1/8 oz, homemade, leadhead jig which hangs horizontally, will sit upright when lying on the bottom, and has a bit of green tinsel floss which is wrapped on a gold hook just behind the bare leadhead of the jig.
Sound and Walleyes: Good or Bad?
November 13, 2014
We have talked to scuba divers who have clicked rocks together on the bottom only to find fish swimming in close to investigate. Our theory is that these fish are approaching the source of the sound in order to feed on the perpetrator,
Walleye Needs
October 8, 2014
Fish do not think nor do they have emotions. Nature has programmed animals to do two things — survive and reproduce. Successful fishing comes by understanding the basic needs which make them do what they do.
Here, Kitty Kitty
September 18, 2014
Catfish are great food. But, remember to practice selective harvest. Biologists have found many small fish in specific areas of big rivers with heavy commercial and recreational fishing pressure.
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