Tommy Skarlis and Chip Leer Chat 2/12/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Chip Leer and Tommy Skarlis!!!
Driftr - Welcome Tommy & Chip!!!!!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!
Symphic - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Eyesrfn - Clap, clap!!
Tommy Skarlis - Oh yahhhhhh I am looking forward to Montana.
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!
Mapguy - Yeah!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, welcome Tommy and Chip!
Eyesrfn - See you in Lewistown on the 4th.
Tommy Skarlis - Bow, bow.
Chatman - So, Tommy and Chip, where do you want to go tonight?
Mapguy - Hawaii!
Driftr - Somewhere warm?
Symphic - LOL!
Symphic - Sounds good to me!
Symphic - Only for a wee while though!
Chip Leer - You guys/gals are too kind, it's fun to talk fishing, first lets talk the season ice? 
Rabbit - Hi to all!! This is my first time in a chat room so bear with me?
Chatman - Where is it warm in walleye country right now??
Tommy Skarlis - Hawaii would be nice, it is now 5 below here!!
Chatman - Not a problem Rabbit! And welcome!
Chip Leer - Go with it Rabbit!!
Tommy Skarlis - Bear/rabbit, get it?? LOL!! Take your time Rabbit and have fun!
WalleyeJason - It's 50 degrees here, and open water to boot!
Driftr - Hush Jason!
wa_walleye - The fish are biting too!
Tommy Skarlis - Oh, they're always biting.
WalleyeJason - That is true!
Chip Leer - The hot walleye bite is actually been good a number of places that I am aware of Bay de Noc has been good as well as Lake of the Woods, near Baudette.
Mapguy - We're hearing a lot about dead weeds!
wa_walleye - I wonder if that is universal this winter?
Chatman - How is the On Ice Tour coming along this season?
Chip Leer - What are you hearing about dead weeds Chatman?
Tommy Skarlis - Is there anyone on tonight that is fishing the Walleye Classic here in Leech?
Mapguy - That seems to be a pattern under about 3' of ice.
Symphic - If there isn't a fall Turnover in a lake, do the walleyes hold to the main deep flats of a relatively structure-less lake? The max depth is 32 feet and the middle is one huge flat.
Chatman - Last weekend on Little Bay De Noc, I was surprised at how many of the shallow weed beds were dead. Not as many green weeds as in years past.
Symphic - I find that I have to drill tons of holes just to locate the fish, and they are on a constant move.
Symphic - Should I go with the spoons or Rapalas to get the active fish?
Tommy Skarlis - I would think that the fish would stay there, it depends on if the food is still there too. 
Chip Leer - Weeds do die off in most lakes that get ice for a period of time, and yes drilling many holes to find the green weeds may be some work. Yet if you, or when you, find them you will find the Mother Load of eyes.
Symphic - There are plenty of deep perch!
WalleyeJason - Tommy, You ever fished the Columbia River?
Symphic - But the main bite size pray is in the shallows in the weeds.
Gu - I hope to fish the classic Tommy.
Tommy Skarlis - I never have Jason, but I would love to!
Symphic - But I have no success getting them in the weeds.
WalleyeJason - You guys need to get out this way, there are some big pigs out here!!
Tommy Skarlis - Yes we do.
Chip Leer - Are you seeing the fish there, and how are they reacting to your presentations?
Mapguy - More success with live bait presentations?
unioneyezed - Hey Tom are you going to put the skraladuchee to these walleye's in Detroit this year?
Symphic - I do some aggressive jigs, than a jiggle, jiggle. They look at it, and just swim away. I have even gone to a plain hook with no success.
WalleyeJason - Symphic, you forgot to pay the fish Gods!
Tommy Skarlis - I hope to Rock 'em in the Motor City, but it's a tough town and the competition is going to be wild!
Chatman - Symphic, drop it on the bottom and let it lay there a moment, then pop it off. 
Symphic - Ok, I haven't tried that.
unioneyezed - I hear ya Tommy!
Symphic - I guess that would act like a perch on a bottom being spooked?
Chatman - Sometimes that triggers them when they won't otherwise bite.
Tommy Skarlis - Are you going to be there Unioneyezed?
Mapguy - What about drop shotting this time of year for eyes? Any thoughts?
Chip Leer - If you got them looking they can be caught, what happens with longer pauses or as Mapguy suggested, maybe attract them with one rod/lure and then use the live bait under a float. If they will not hit the jig, the live bait should get 'em. Use a plain hook, maybe a SuperGlo Hook.
Tommy Skarlis - Drop shotting this time of year would be a great idea and would work.
Symphic - Ok, cool! Thanks!
WalleyeJason - Drop shotting with a 4" Senko?
Chip Leer - LOL!
Tommy Skarlis - Sure, Senko away!
WalleyeJason - Rigged wacky style?
Mapguy - A minnow imitator.
Tommy Skarlis - Wack it to the max!!!
WalleyeJason - LOL!
Tommy Skarlis - Critters hooked wacky stile are deadly.
unioneyezed - I'm not fishing the RCL co-angler side but I am fishing the RCL League.
WalleyeJason - Wacky rigged Senkos?
Mech. - What is wacky rigged??
Symphic - Now say in a bigger reservoir with really dark water. Would the walleye's still hold to classic drop off near shoals, or with the darkness of the water, would they be shallower than anticipated?
Tommy Skarlis - Tear em up Union!! In which state?
WalleyeJason - Wacky rigged is the plastic hooked thru the middle, so the worm is parallel with the bottom.
unioneyezed - I am fishing the Michigan RCL League.
Mech. - Ok, thank you.
Tommy Skarlis - Regardless of water clarity, shallow water in reservoirs rocks!
Chatman - Mech, Wacky rigging and drop shotting are borrowed Bass techniques, and very deadly ones at that!
Mech. - Does anybody fish the Missouri reservoir for walleye?
Chip Leer - Symphic, yes classic places in fact. The fun part of late ice walleyes in dark water is that they will make a very late ice shallow run. I have caught them as shallow as 3 feet of water under 4 feet of ice, leaving 3 ft of swimming room. 
Eyesrfn - I do here in Montana!
Juls - Tommy, Chip, what shows will the On Ice Tour be at in the near future? Or, are you just fishing with groups or something now?
Tommy Skarlis - Which Missouri reservoir Mech? 
Mech. - Bull Shoals, in Missouri. 
Symphic - That's cool Chip.
jlware - Tommy Do you have your schedule yet for Cincinnati?
Tommy Skarlis - I've never fished Bull for walleyes but have on Stockton 
Mech. - How was Stockton?
Tommy Skarlis - I will be in Cincinnati the 13th - 15th. 
FROGMAN - Better start praying for warm weather to break up the ice on Lake St. Clair, or we'll be dodging icebergs in April! LOL!!!
Tommy Skarlis - Stockton was good and has gotten better.
Chatman - LOL, Frogman!
Juls - LOL!
WalleyeJason - Tommy, Are you stoked for the Lake Pepin PWT event?
Chip Leer - The On Ice Tour will be at the famed International Eel Pout Festival, this weekend here in Walker, MN. Then to the Upper Red Lake Crappie 
Contest. As for sport shows we are about wrapped up for ice. Now it's time to switch our thoughts to open water. like Fishing the WildSide!
Mech. - What time of year?
Juls - Thanks Chip!
Symphic - In dark water, do ciscoes hold over the deep water. I don't know much about ciscoes. Any tips I can get about that kind of prey and walleye holding to them would be greatly appreciated.
Tommy Skarlis - I am actually really fired up for all of the pro-ams! With all of my pro and co friends, it will be like a family reunion!!
Juls - The crappie contest sounds like a blast! I heard about those pie plates up there!
FROGMAN - Tommy & Chip, the "Shiver On The River" just ended in Saginaw. 13.5 pounds was the winning weight this year!
Tommy Skarlis - The Stockton tourney was in the spring and the walleyes were up in the river and easily caught pitching shallow with jigs, power bait and crawlers.
Juls - Tommy, are you fishing both the PWT and RCL? 
Gu - Chip Where will the rough fish be this weekend at the eelpout?
Tommy Skarlis - All 10 of them Juls!
Chip Leer - In the late winter the ciscoes will hold over very deep water feeding on plankton etc out there. Remember things start to roll a bit with temperature changes at very late ice so fish will move. Add to that, the oxygen levels increase in the shallows at about the same time.
Mech. - Thanks.
WalleyeJason - Tommy, what will be the best pattern for Lake Pepin this year?
Symphic - Chip, do ciscoes spawn in the spring?
Mech. - Will anybody be fishing @ Big Mac this spring?
Symphic - In the rivers that is...
Symphic - Or do they spawn over classic lake rubble?
Chip Leer - Ciscoes spawn late fall, usually about 39 degrees under the full moon and occasionally under the ice!
Symphic - Ok, thanks!
WalleyeJason - In June, I'm guessing live bait and cranks?
Tommy Skarlis - Jigs will work too!
WalleyeJason - Good!
WalleyeJason - I'm looking forward to it!!
rigger - Tommy, one of the Waterloo boys here! Tim Ahrens brother in-law at that
jlware - You're fired up? How do you think us co-anglers feel to get the chance to fish with The Legend?
Doc_wi - Tommy, what kind of hook would you suggest for a drop shot rig, for ice fishing?
Tommy Skarlis - I don't even want to consider threats like Froggy, Juls and the likes, I'll have to withdraw!!!
Symphic - Awesome, I doubt many fish for them here. I wouldn't mind catching a couple 10 inchers, and fish for those deep pike in the wintertime!!
Chip Leer - Ciscoes are fun to catch anytime of year. I love late ice and early open water. 
Gu - Tommy, do you like the PWT locations this year?
Tommy Skarlis - I would suggest a Kahle or a snelled hook Doc.
Mapguy - Something small?
Tommy Skarlis - I think all of the Pro Am locations are going to be awesome! I have never looked forward to any year as much as I look forward to this one!!
WalleyeJason - Will Lake Pepin be a no-cull tournament?
Gu - That's great to hear Tommy!
Juls - I have to agree with you on that one Tommy, all the locations have great fishing!
Chatman - It is almost too many good sites to choose from!
Mapguy - Keep an eye on Lake Pepin's water levels into the summer. That's the key!
Matt Thompson - Tom, how do I get my name on a pair of coveralls?
WalleyeJason - No culls can be tough on a guy or gal!
jlware - Do you think that Lake Erie will be the holder of the Big one this year Again?
FROGMAN - There is a lot of great water this year on all the circuits! I'm stoked and ready to go!!! 
Mercury Man - This question is for Mr. Leer and Mr. Skarlis. Why did you guys switch to Evinrude?
Chatman - Me too frogman! Now all I need again is time and money!!! LOL!!
Tommy Skarlis - Matt, borrow your moms and put your first name in place of hers!! LOL!!
Chatman - LOL!!
Symphic - Ok, what would be the first places you guys would consider prime walleye spots in middle of summer, on a 1500 acre lake, deep, 70 feet water, ciscoes main pray, tons of structure? Now, would you look for suspending fish first holding to the thermocline, or would you go right for main points and shoals?
Eyesrfn - Matt, write it with a magic marker! LOL!!
Juls - Tommy had just over 138 pounds for three days at Erie last year...that's going to be a tough record to beat!
jlware - Yeah but will Lake Erie do it again?
WalleyeJason - That's amazing, 138# of walleye in 3 days!!
Juls - I predict it will! (Lake Erie)
WalleyeJason - I'm gonna have to make a trip there!
Matt Thompson - Wow, that stings, but if you remember my mom only has the one leg...
Juls - LOL!
Chatman - Geez......
FROGMAN - The answer to that has more to do with the weather than anything else.
Mapguy - It's worth it Jason!
WalleyeJason - Is her name Eileen?
WalleyeJason - Or Leena?
Chatman - Speaking of Lake Erie and the Detroit River, how do you think the low water has changed the fishery there Tommy or Chip?
Symphic - about 50 yards off shore, there is a 70-foot drop.
Tommy Skarlis - Switching to Evinrude boils down to three things: the strength of Bombardier, the quality and reliability of the Direct Injection and the other opportunities that exist between On Ice Tour and the Snowmobile/ATV division of Bombardier.
Chip Leer - Simple. We looked at the directions of outboards and did lots of research. We determined that for what we do, fish and get people interested in the sport. Evinrude has the same ideals Fishing the Wild Side does. Create outboards that have the power and efficiency to exceed the 2006 emission standards while growing the sport of fishing.
Matt Thompson - Are you guys going to run the 225HO?
Tommy Skarlis - I guess the walleye fishing on Lake Erie and the Detroit River will be phenomenal as ever, just different.
Chip Leer - Tommy is running the 225 HO and I will be running the 200 HO.
Tommy Skarlis - I will be running the 225HO on the Ranger 620VS.
FROGMAN - If the weather cooperates, look for major catches again this year on the Western Basin.
Chip Leer - Both the 200 and the 225HO have the new Direct Injection technology that separates Evinrude from the pack both for Power and fuel economy!
WalleyeJason - Tommy, you run a Ranger right?
rigger - Tommy, what would be a good pattern to use on the Illinois River this spring? 
Eyesrfn - Tommy, will you still have the Coleman boat logo?
Matt Thompson - Nice rigs, Evinrude is putting together a heck of a team!
Symphic - Any tips for using lead line? Tips like, what kind of rod, reel, how long of a monofilament leader should I have?
Tommy Skarlis - Juls, I hope the record doesn't get broken. I would like to enjoy it a bit!
Driftr - The Intrude Revolution motor should be interesting.
Chatman - Break it yourself Tommy!
jlware - Frogman, the weather was nasty last year on the last day at Lake Erie.
Juls - Well Tommy, enjoy it while you can. I, and many others, would like to see it broken! Hehe!
Chip Leer - Thank you Matt, It is going to be fun to be a part of a company that cares and wants the industry to grow!
Tommy Skarlis - Vertical jigging works for me on the Illinois River, but a lot of guys use hand lines and 3ways.
Mapguy - Juls, I was gonna do that next year!!
Doc_wi - Chip, don't ALL the motor manufacturers want the industry to grow??
Matt Thompson - Tommy are you still going to run Pinpoint?
Tommy Skarlis - We would hope that every man, and every angler would want the industry to grow. We are all in this together.
rigger - Tommy what are you running on the 3 ways?
Chip Leer - Yes, they do want to see it grow. It's just some appear to only care about the tournament or competitive side of fishing. There is a whole world of anglers that do not want to fish at the competitive level, they want to enjoy the outdoors and catch fish with families. That is what Fishing the WildSide is about, growing the sport from the ground up, enjoying at whatever level you desire.
Tommy Skarlis - I run a Lindy 5/8 or one oz Jumbo Fuzzy Grub on a 12 inch drop and a stick bait or live bait dropper 3 to 4 feet back.
Tommy Skarlis - Matt, I do not know what electronics I will be running this year, Chip and I might do some "Field testing".
WalleyeJason - Tommy and Chip, Do you guys fish bass often?
Tommy Skarlis - We fish bass all the time!! 
Chip Leer - All the time, I LOVE BASS!
Mapguy - We're at the WI. B.A.S.S. Federation convention this weekend.
Tommy Skarlis - Say hello to Jay Thorpe for me Map Guy!!
WalleyeJason - When were your rookie Years?
Mapguy - Will do!
Symphic - Are there any tips that you guys could share about lead line?
Chip Leer - If it swims I want to catch it, catfish, bass, carp, muskies, everything! That's why I could not imagine doing what Tommy does with walleyes, all the time and then more walleyes! I need a fresh plate of goods every once in awhile!!
Tommy Skarlis - Sometimes the walleyes tell me I'm still having my rookie years!
Juls - ;-)
WalleyeJason - They tell everybody that from time to time!
Chatman - They tell me that ALL the time!
jlware - Let them tell me that this year!
Mapguy - Some more than others.
WalleyeJason - Hey, I have been a rookie all my life!
Tommy Skarlis - With lead line, speed is the key, second key is to buy the Precision trolling book. The third is go by feel and learn from experience.
rigger - Tommy, thanks! I hope to see you on the river and I will tell Tim I had a chat with you. Thanks again.
Chatman - LOL Jason!
Symphic - what kind of reel and pole do you suggest I should have with lead line?
Chip Leer - Being a rookie is what fishing is all about. That is why we love it, as soon as we think we have it figured out, it's time to go back to school!
WalleyeJason - Do you guys ever find yourself casting crank baits for eyes?
Chip Leer - Crank baits work wonders for eyes while casting. 
Matt Thompson - Tom, Grandpa wants to know "where's the love" pick up your leech lake rotary phone and call him!
Symphic - If they are holding on edges of weeds.
Symphic - What kind of impact do bullheads have on a lake?
wolf walleye - Do you guys use snap weights instead of lead core often?
Symphic - I mean, would they impact the perch species?
Chip Leer - I'll nick weeds, rip and pause and, yes, the deep edges are wonderful. I do know you have to make contact with those weeds, the walleyes don't always want to stray too far from the weeds to eat.
Walleye Wrangler - Tommy, you fish the Mississippi a lot, have you had any bad experiences with the big head carp?
Chatman - Have Tommy and Chip missed any questions so far?
wolf walleye - Anything on snap weights?
Tommy Skarlis - Big head Carp?
Doc_wi - Tommy, you should take a trip over to Stroschein's this winter for some walleye! 
Chip Leer - Anyone can stay in touch with us through our website as well. or We would enjoy hearing from all of you. Besides you can get a free copy of our magazines through those sites as well.
Symphic - Bullhead impact on a walleye/perch relation?
Eyesrfn - Do you mean the Asian carp?
Tommy Skarlis - Bullheads are forage for walleyes, nature will usually straighten things out.
unioneyezed - Will do Chip!
Symphic - Thanks, would walleye prefer bulls to perch?
Chatman - Great question!
Tommy Skarlis - I would love to go to Stroschein's Sand Bay Resort, I hear it rocks!
Chip Leer - Bullheads over perch, yes!!
wa_walleye - Agreed.
Symphic - And with the introduction of black bullhead into the lake, should I consider changing lure color in the future?
Gu - No, they prefer perch.
Chip Leer - That's why you gotta try black jigs when the bullheads are present..
Symphic - Ok.
Walleye Wrangler - That is a new species introduced like the zebra mussel, or goby?
Doc_wi - Early to mid march usually is trophy time, saw a 12+ the other day!
Tommy Skarlis - I would assume that walleyes would prefer bullheads, but I have been known to be wrong!
Symphic - Bullheads seem to hold shallower, don't they?
Chatman - Or better yet use mad toms if they are in season at the bait shops! Especially in a river!!
Symphic - Ok.
Tommy Skarlis - I have never run into the carp, I will call Cooter and see what he knows. He's a local river rat, legend.
Chip Leer - Yes, bullheads are deeper, but sometimes we look to deep for walleyes too.
Driftr - Scott's favorite bait, mad toms!
Bondo - Hello Tommy, bet your Ready to get started.
Matt Thompson - Have you guys had a chance to try the new Iron Silk line, we have been getting asked about it a ton?
Tommy Skarlis - You have hit the nail on the head Bondo!
unioneyezed - What are mad toms?
jlware - I got a spool to try this year!
Bondo - Hey Tommy, you ever heard of the Kinzua Reservoir?
Gu - Tommy, where will the walleye bite be this weekend at the pout?
Tommy Skarlis - I believe that mad toms are willow cats, different than bullheads.
Chatman - Willow cats, mad toms, same thing. Like small Bullheads...
Doc_wi - Yes.
unioneyezed - Ahh.
Tommy Skarlis - Yes I have Bondo.
Driftr - They sting too!
Symphic - Lunar effects on walleye's, do you guys see a pattern?
Bondo - I live a few miles from it.
Chip Leer - Yes, we used Iron Silk a bunch last year. Mostly Bass fishing, casting docks, flipping slop and in rocks, it was great! Very, very tuff abrasion resistant line that had little stretch and stayed limp. I give it an A+. 
Tommy Skarlis - Not to be facetious Chatman, but walleyes in river prefer willow cats to bullheads.
Bondo - I know this is walleye talk but the New State Record Pike was just Broke a Couple Weeks ago.
Matt Thompson - Thanks Chipper, I've been waiting to here from someone who used it!
Tommy Skarlis - How big and what state Bondo?
Chatman - Yes they do. But basically a willow cat is like a small bullhead, right?
Capable Partner - Which state?
Tommy Skarlis - No, they are a different species
Bondo - In Pennsylvania, a 38 pounder!
Chip Leer - Fish do relate to the moon, yet weather is much more important. And you've got to remember, don't pass up an opportunity to go fishing because of the moon phase etc!
Bondo - It was 45 inches long, I believe.
Driftr - Mad toms are a separate species.
Bondo - I work with the Guys Wife.
Driftr - They do sting too!!
Symphic - Ok.
Chip Leer - Wow, big pike!!
Tommy Skarlis - Wow, big pike!!
Mercury Man - 45 inches 38 pounds doesn't seem logical.
Bondo - Tell me about it!
Chatman - Right, different species, but they look like little bullheads. That is where I was going with that....
Tommy Skarlis - I understand Ralph.
Driftr - Mercury Man, it is true.
Bondo - Our Kinzua also Holds the PA. State Record Walleye as well!
Doc_wi - If it ate a small dog it seems right Tommy!!
Gu - LOL!!
unioneyezed - Are these something you have to get yourself or do bait shops have them? (Mad toms) 
Mercury Man - Unbelievable fish, great accomplishment in freshwater!!
Bondo - 17.6, caught ice fishing!1
Tommy Skarlis - Be careful Doc, the Humane Society and Peta will track you down!!
RoyGPA - I think pike prefer cats....
Symphic - I was just at a local ice fishing tournament a couple of weeks ago and the winning walleye was in 3 feet of water on this huge flat.
Symphic - How does that make sense?
jlware - LOL!!
Chip Leer - Ya know with all this great walleye knowledge it would be great to see and meet everyone at the 2003 Evinrude Walleye Classic on Leech Lake. And Leech Lake has both perch and bullheads, we could determine it here, in Walker, MN.
Symphic - It was a 10 + pounder!!!
Tommy Skarlis - There are a few bait shops on the Mississippi that carry them Unioneyezed.
Matt Thompson - Any chance you guys will be doing more TV this year? It is always nice to tune into you two!
Symphic - Do you guys think sound or color, play more of an important role in dark water? In a trolling situation?
Bondo - Pike around here eat Walleyes, LOL!!! I was night fishing, throwing Rapalas, and I hooked a small eye. I then had a 30-35 inch pike grab the walleye!
Tommy Skarlis - Symphic, color, especially glow, and sound definitely play a role in dark water trolling!
Symphic - I had a 20-inch pike on once and a 26 incher bit on it. I pulled both of them in!!!
Symphic - It was really funny!!
Chatman - Pike will eat almost anything Bondo, including scavenged dead fish off the bottom.....
Bondo - Cool Symphic!! It does surprise ya sometimes what those fish will do!
Symphic - Then I was throwing out #9 rap and was catching 15-inch perch.
Tommy Skarlis - That's the cool thing about fishing, it's always something different.
Chip Leer - Yes Matt, we have lots of TV on the schedule. You can watch the Walleye Classic the first three weekends in March on Fox Sports and the Outdoor Channel. Along with weekly shows for the Minnesota Pro/Am Bass Tour on Fox Sports. It's always fun, and thank you for the compliment Matt.
Tommy Skarlis - Is anybody here going to Eelpout?
Driftr - Do you fellows ever catch eelpout?
Chip Leer - Are you coming this weekend to Walker's international Eel Pout Festival? We will be in City Park with the On Ice Tour! 
Chatman - As we wind her down tonight, any last questions or comments for Chip and Tommy?
Mercury Man - I'm Going to Eelpout, will the On Ice Tour be there?
Chatman - BTW guys, can you list your web site?
Bondo - You need to come up and Give the Kinzua a Try Tommy, tough Reservoir but lots of walleye. I've caught over 100 a day during tourneys but it's a little tough sometimes to get the bigger ones to respond!! LOL!!
Symphic - What do you guys think of GLOJIG products, with the little red light?
pouter - All the time, they are an absolute blast! If you haven't tried fishing for them, it is a must on your list!!
Chip Leer - Look for us in City Park, Walker MN.
Chip Leer - Ditto on 'pout!!
Tommy Skarlis - I would love to Bondo, maybe someday?
Capable Partner - Any tips on inexpensive planer board rods?
Bondo - Come up and greet the Fisherman During the Cabelas Tourney! Hahahaha!
Doc_wi - Just remember to set Sept 20th aside Tommy for the 3rd annual Skins & Fins!
Tommy Skarlis - Fenwick makes fiberglass rods that are awesome and inexpensive, also the 8-foot Gary Roach Lightning rods work too.
Tommy Skarlis - It's on the calendar Doc!1
Doc_wi - We're hoping to add a couple of holes of sporting clays this year too!
Chatman - Let's wind it down..
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Tommy Skarlis and Chip Leer!!!!
Chip Leer - Team, this has been a blast. It's always a pleasure to get together and talk fishing. Please track us down at a sport show or event, we always like to talk walleye fishing. As we mentioned earlier we have many directions to our WildSide, so please take time to check them out and register to get a free magazine at the sites: or Or. or ! Thanks again for having us aboard Walleye Central, this site is tops, thank you.
wolf walleye - Later everyone!! 
HARSH - Good luck Tommy and Chip. Stay on top of the ice. Got to run.
Juls - Good luck to both of you Chip and Tommy on a successful season! I have to run...see ya soon Elvis! ;-)
Driftr - Thanks Chip & Tommy!!!!
eyebanger(OH) - Yeah, yeah!!!!
Capable Partner - Thanks guys!!
Mapguy - Thanks Tommy & Chip, I've got to run too! Goodnight all!!
Tommy Skarlis - See ya Mapguy! 
Tommy Skarlis - Take care Pete!
Eyesrfn - I'll see ya in a couple of weeks, out here in the great state of Montana, Tommy!
Chip Leer - Take Care Pete, Heard some great comments from a Live Bait seminar you did in Fargo, keep it up!
RoyGPA - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!! See you in Port Clinton Tommy!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!!
Eyesrfn - Clap, clap, clap!!
jlware - Nite all, gotta go! 
Matt Thompson - You guys rock, keep in touch!
rabbit - Later...
jlware - See you in Cincinnati Tommy!
Chatman - Great Chatting again Guys!
Symphic - Thanks!
unioneyezed - Good luck on the tourney scene this year guys! We'll see you here in Detroit!
Symphic - Thanks guys! See you later!
wa_walleye - Thanks guys!
Chip Leer - Good night and happy fishing!
Tommy Skarlis - If anybody out there wants to get a free copy of our Fishing the WildSide magazine - email the request to and we'll send you one free!!
Symphic - Ok, cool!!!
Tommy Skarlis - Guys, I've gotta go! Take care and thanks a million!!
Chatman - See ya Tommy and Chip, and thanks again!