Southern Ohio Walleye Club

2011 Tournament Schedule

Must fish at least 5 tournaments to qualify for year end.

Date Lake
April 23 Piedmont Lake
May 7 Seneca Lake
June 4 Tappan Lake
July 9 Salt Fork Lake
August 13 Clendenning Lake
September 17 - 18 Leesville Lake

2011 annual club membership is $20. All tournaments for the 2011 season will be $60 entry fee which includes big fish entry. Year end team points and invitations to the Cabela's NTC tournament will be based on the 4 best finishes of the 6 tournament season, must fish at least 4 tournaments to qualify for year end.

SPONSORS: Taylor Insurance, Remco Marine (330-852-4450), VIB "E" Lure Co.

CONTACTS: Don & Cheryl Weaver (330-343-2445) E-mail