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Ten Pound Club Member

Louie DePuydt

Location: South Range

Date Caught:
11 Lbs.
Location Caught:
Portage Lake
Story: Louie DePuydt of South Range is an avid fisherman who spends a significant amount of time on the water. But even he was surprised by the 11 pound, 31 inch walleye he caught recently on Portage Lake. "I have caught quite a few walleye in my day but never anything like this one," said DePuydt. "I've taken a few fishing trips to Canada in search of the big one but never got him; I didn't know he was so close to home," DePuydt said, adding, "he put up quite a fight." DePuydt suffers from a traumatic brain injury, which he sustained in a motorcycle accident in 1994. As a result of the accident, he has limited u se of his left arm. He did, however, use the arm to reel in the huge walleye. Ironically, he used a fishing reel as an exercise tool to strengthen his arm in therapy at Portage Rehab. At the time, he never dreamed that his hard work would pay off so handsomely. Doug Wyble of Chassell, a friend of DePuydt's who owns and operates the Keweenaw Fishing Guide, planned the excursion. "He (Wyble) always seems to find the time to be a great helper, good listener and an inspiration to Louie" said mutual friend Marie Gervais of Lake Linden, who was also on the fishing trip. "Louis is a very positive person and has an incredible outlook on life, especially after all he has been through," Gervais said. "Doug has taken time from his busy schedule many times to take me on fishing trips like this one," said DePuydt, who hopes even larger fish wait in ambush for the bait he presents them in outings still to come. "Next hear I'm really going to catch the big one," DePuydt said. "I know that there are still more out there."

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