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Thermoil Chat 1/24/01

Frequently Asked Questions 

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome our guest tonight, Glenn Bunnell of Thermoil!!!

Driftr - Welcome Glen Bunnell !!!

Driftr - clap clap clap

Glen Bunnell - Well it is my pleasure to state that I have the president of Thermoil, Terry Fellner sitting next to me.

Juls - clap clap clap clap clap welcome Glen!!

chatman - You have a quite comprehensive list of FAQ's, do you want to start out with discussing them Glenn?

Glen Bunnell - Tanks Driftr

Juls - Hi Terry

chatman - A double header tonight! Hello Terry...

Glen Bunnell - Hello Chatman

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil has just come out with a bottle of oil so it can be distributed anywhere.

chatman - Glen and Terry, why don't we start out with, What is Thermoil?

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil is a battery additive that will give your battery longer life, eliminate corrosion, reduce water consumption, etc.

Dan(MI) - Do you add it like water?

Glen Bunnell - It is an "oil" that literally sits on top of the water in your battery

Glen Bunnell - Yes, 2 ounces per cell for the average battery

Keith - Glen can it be use on old batteries?

chatman - You have a specific formula for how much oil to add to certain batteries based on their use, correct?

Glen Bunnell - Keep the fluid level 1/8" below the vent tube well

chatman - It can be used in any battery that is not maintenance free or gel too...

Glen Bunnell - Keith, this can be used on any battery, except gel batteries.

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil cannot be used on gel batteries, it can be used on any battery that has caps that you can add water to.

Glen Bunnell - The best part about Thermoil is the cost. As Terry always says, It makes any battery better

Keith - What is the cost?

Glen Bunnell - Actually, you can (or will be able to soon) purchase Thermoil through Walleye Central for 9.99 a bottle

Driftr - Glen, is that a 12 oz bottle?

Keith - Will a bottle do one battery?

Glen Bunnell - Keith, yes, unless it is a 4D or 8D battery

crumpler - If I add your product to a battery will it void any warranties to the battery ?

Glen Bunnell - Some battery companies will say yes and some no

chatman - We will be posting the FAQ's from Thermoil with the chat and watch for Thermoil on Walleye Central, you'll be able to purchase it on line direct from Us

Glen Bunnell - With that said, if you run the battery out of water, this will void the warranty because of neglect

Glen Bunnell - With the oil in the battery, this takes a much longer time to lose water volume, which in most cases will save your battery

Driftr - Glen, does Thermoil make a battery?

Glen Bunnell - Mark Martin and Gary Roach have used Thermoil for 5 years now

Glen Bunnell - Drift, No they do not, Thermoil and Kendal Oil company work together to make the oil

chatman - This is the same Thermoil though that Motorguide used in their line of batteries though, correct?

Driftr - Lorrie Shaeffer uses Thermoil, that is where I heard of it first

Glen Bunnell - Chatman, yes Motorguide did use Thermoil but Thermoil was unable to get the distribution to deliver the batteries to all of its 6,000 dealers

Glen Bunnell - Just to give a testimonial, I personally know of people who have had batteries for 8 years that use them every year, all because of Thermoil

chatman - So then that's what happened top that great line of batteries, it was too difficult to distribute them...

Glen Bunnell - Chatman, yes the big manufacturer's do not want it on the market so they will not let us use their distribution

Glen Bunnell - Smaller battery companies are working with Thermoil, but they do not have the distribution that the big companies do.

chatman - I can attest to the quality of the Old MotorGuide liner of Thermoil products, and I have the oil in My 620's batteries right now..

chatman - Can we go through how Thermoil helps any brand of battery, last longer, better charge cycles etc...

Glen Bunnell - A few years back, Thermoil supplied about 75% of all RV manufacturers but could not do the customer service because of lack of distribution

Glen Bunnell - Chatman, #1 it eliminates corrosion which will give you less resistance when charging and discharging so your battery will properly charge and discharge

Glen Bunnell - #2 It reduces water consumption GREATLY which helps extend the life of the battery especially when you run it low

chatman - How long has Thermoil been on the market then?

Glen Bunnell - After this chat session, check out www.thermoilbatteries.com and the full explanation of Thermoil will be there along with on this chat session

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil has been on the market for 10 years now

Keith - Thanks for the information, looking forward to trying your product.

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil just came out with the bottle of oil in the last months so now we have instant distribution anywhere in the world by UPS, FEDEX, or mailX

chatman - Are there any companies now that have Thermoil in the batteries? Or is it only available in the single bottles?

Glen Bunnell - Your welcome Keith

Glen Bunnell - Three different battery companies put Thermoil in the batteries at their manufacturing facilities

Dan(MI) - I missed last 15 minutes, where can I get Thermoil

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil can be purchased right here at Walleye Central

Dan(MI) - Do Battery manufacturers negate the warranty if you use it?

chatman - That is correct, we are in the process of setting up a site on the products page where you'll be able to by online, direct from Walleye Central

Glen Bunnell - Dan, some battery manufacturers may, others may not

Glen Bunnell - Any of you fish the USFA - Wisconsin?

Dan(MI) - I just bought two new batteries, one cranking one trolling, should I start now

Dan(MI) - I fish USFA Mi. if they have a circuit this year

Glen Bunnell - Dan, to get the life out of your battery, definitely start now with Thermoil being added

chatman - The sooner you ad Thermoil the better off a guy is then?

Dan(MI) - What if the wells are already full??

Glen Bunnell - Chatman, yes that is correct

Glen Bunnell - We recommend that you remove a few ounces of the water with a hydrometer

Dan(MI) - Ok, thanks for the tip, I may check this stuff out!!

chatman - That brings up another question, are there any special concerns when testing the specific Gravity of a battery containing Thermoil?

Glen Bunnell - Please understand that these questions are very difficult to answer in 1 or 2 sentences, but they will be explained in detail of exactly how Thermoil works to give your battery longer life with less problems at the end of this chat session

Dan(MI) - Glenn, is it better in a 12v, 24v, or 36 v system??

Glen Bunnell - chatman, insert the hydrometer through the oil into the acid and then you will suck up the acid underneath the oil to get your reading

chatman - That seems simple enough to do and you are correct Glen, we will have the 10 FAQ's posted with the archived chat and on the retail page when we get that up.

Glen Bunnell - Dan, it does not make any difference

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil is not just for boat batteries, but it is for any battery

chatman - Any system Dan, I have used Thermoil in 12, 24 and currently in my 36 volt system

chatman - I am fixin' to put it in my Truck battery too!

Dan(MI) - Thanks, chatman that was my next question.

chatman - welcome early riser, we are in a hosted chat with Glen Bunnell and 

Terry Fellner of Thermoil, sit on in and visit with us....

m.n.obucket - glen hate to rehash but I got here late, how is product added?

Glen Bunnell - The basic rule of thumb for Thermoil is 2 ounces per cell for the average battery

chatman - Glen, you mentioned Pro's using Thermoil, do you have many anglers out representing Thermoil right now?

Glen Bunnell - There are a number of guides, and an unknown number of pros because there are a lot of battery specialists who sell Thermoil along with the three battery mfg. companies

Glen Bunnell - There are numerous average fisherman who use the Thermoil product on a daily basis

m.n.obucket - but how do you put it in on the closed cell batteries? That is what I'm asking

Glen Bunnell - You cannot put Thermoil in a sealed battery, but a sealed battery you cannot deep discharge so that is probably not the right battery for fishing

fisherman - Is Thermoil guaranteed?

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil is 100%, absolutely guaranteed to do everything that it says it will do

Glen Bunnell - That is why the big battery companies do not want it on the market.

chatman - I have some good news, Thermoil is online as of tonight, on both the Products page and the Updates page!

m.n.obucket - are not most deep cycle batteries sealed?

chatman - All there, info pictures the FAQ's and the order form, of course!

Glen Bunnell - m.n.obucket, the best ones are not and look for the FAQ's at the end of this chat session

fisherman - How much does it take to do one battery, what is the cost?

Glen Bunnell - fisherman, the average battery takes 1 bottle of oil, 12 ounces, to do.

Dan(MI) - Can you answer this? Is there any one battery your product performs best in that you recommend through testing?

m.n.obucket - OK Glen, I will

Glen Bunnell - The cost is only 9.99 through Walleye Central.

Dan(MI) - 9.99 is a good price

fisherman - Can we order it online? Where?

Glen Bunnell - The oil works in any battery. You put the oil in a bad battery and you will have a better bad battery

Glen Bunnell - You put the oil in a good battery and you will have a great battery

Dan(MI) - Thanks sounds good to me. good night

chatman - One bottle per battery, not a bad deal....

fisherman - Where can we buy it?

Glen Bunnell - Here is the Thermoil Challenge. If you have a 24 volt trolling motor, run one battery with Thermoil and one without and see which one last longer

m.n.obucket - cold weather ????? glen

chatman - Right here on Walleye Central, on the products page....

Glen Bunnell - fisherman, you can buy it through Walleye Central

fisherman - Cool

chatman - Has anyone had a question that did not get answered? Glen and Terry will be glad to answer if you re post it....

Irish - what does Thermoil do? I came in far to late

Glen Bunnell - m.n.obucket. Thermoil performs great in cold weather because it will help keep the battery al "little warmer"

Glen Bunnell - In hot weather, it works great because it keeps the mist from coming out the top of the battery

chatman - Irish, Thermoil is a oil based battery additive....


Glen Bunnell - Irish, As Terry's famous line says ....It makes a bad battery better and a good battery great!!!

Glen Bunnell - EARLY RISER, The answer to your question will be posted at the end of the chat session

chatman - Glen Bunnell and Terry Fellner are here tonight to answer your questions about Thermoil

Irish - does it coat the plates?

Irish - does it effect the recharge time?

chatman - Basically Thermoil is a layer of oil that you add to each cell of your batteries

m.n.obucket - what about the oil and water theory??

Glen Bunnell - In a short sentence, the oil floats above the water in the battery and prevents the corrosion, reduces water consumption, reduces explosion, reduces toxic fumes, and makes you battery last longer

chatman - we have the top 10 frequently asked questions posted on the Products section under Thermoil and they will be posted with the archived version of this chat.

chatman - what is the address or your web site glen?

Glen Bunnell - m.n.obucket..That is the main theory, the oil is lighter than water and acid so it will always stay on top which will eliminate your battery problems

Glen Bunnell - www.thermoilbatteries.com

Irish - where do you guys manufacture?

m.n.obucket - makes sense glen

Glen Bunnell - Irish, the great state of Pennsylvania, but Thermoil is head quartered in WIS.

Irish - are you part of a larger company?

Glen Bunnell - Irish, no we are not. Thermoil is a privately held company

Irish - Where in WI

Glen Bunnell - We are located in Appleton, WI

Glen Bunnell - Which is about 40 mile southwest of Green Bay

Irish - I go through there about 10 times a year

Irish - how many years have you guys been selling the product

Glen Bunnell - Thermoil has been in business for 10 years

fisherman - So, it increases the life of the battery, prevents corrosion and is guaranteed to work? Sounds pretty good

Glen Bunnell - That is exactly why the big battery companies do not want it on the market. Thermoil is a patented product

m.n.obucket - was most of testing in northern climes??

chatman - Glen, can you explain how Thermoil can give your batteries longer life?

Irish - well I think Ill give it a whirl for 10 bucks

fisherman - I've got three batteries in my boat, I'm going with all of them, I buy new batteries every stinking year it seems

Glen Bunnell - Testing has been conducted from Canada to the Arizona desert

Glen Bunnell - Feel free to call Terry at 800-221-5351 and he will recommend which batteries to by and you will not be buying batteries every year, anymore

chatman - This just in, if you order online before midnight tonight Midnight Pacific time, we will wave the shipping and handling fee on orders of two bottles or more

Glen Bunnell - This will be explained in detail at the end of this session

Glen Bunnell - fisherman, how many bottles can I put you down for?

Driftr - hmmm, I do have 2 batteries

Glen Bunnell - Driftr, does that mean two bottles?

chatman - C'mon Jim, it is worth the effort.....

Driftr - :)

fisherman - I'm in

Driftr - 2 bottles is right :)

chatman - and you'll save the shipping and handling fee.....tonight only....

m.n.obucket - How about the winter down time? It affects all batteries.

fisherman - Thanks guys

EARLY RISER - to bad this isn't a voice chat.

Driftr - Glen , are you in Pennsylvania?

Glen Bunnell - No I am in Shiocton, Wisconsin


Glen Bunnell - to get the longest life out of the battery

Glen Bunnell - batteries should be charged once every month just to be topped off

jerry m - ha glen

chatman - I would like to remind you all, we have the Thermoil on line on the products page at Walleye Central and tonight only you will save the shipping and handling fee on orders of two bottles or more.....before midnight Pacific time....

chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for our guests tonight! 

Glen Bunnell and Terry Fellner of Thermoil!!!!

Driftr - Thanks Glen & Terry !!!

m.n.obucket - nice show glen.....

fisherman - cya

Juls - clap clap clap..thanks Glenn and Terry

Ness - Clap, clap, clap.... thank you.


RIPLIPS - : - " - " - : - " - 

Glen Bunnell - early riser, you can call Terry tomorrow and have a voice chat with him

chatman - Please feel free to take advantage of the special offer on Thermoil 

tonight and to stick around and Chat some more with Terry and Glen

Glen Bunnell - You are welcome and we both know that once you use Thermoil, you will ALWAYS USE IT


slip-bobber(MT) - Nite all. Thanks for all the great info Terry and Glen

chatman - Thermoil is available right here, on walleye central, for about 10 bucks a bottle

Juls - one bottle per battery?

chatman - And if you order two bottles or more tonight, before Midnight in California, we will wave the shipping and handling fee!

chatman - Yup Juls....

Juls - ok..just wondering

Frequently Asked Questions

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