Walleye Central Get Together 2003 
- by Capt Dan Manyen

Couple nice onesWith all my years of fishing experience, it is actually rare anymore that I take a trip that forever stays etched on my mind. Seems though that every time I take a trip to Lake Erie, the old memory bank has to make room for yet another fantastic bookmark of a trip. In just the last two trips to Erie, (one on the ice and this last one to Huron) I have been privy to be included in the catching of 110 walleyes, with the majority of them 5 pounds or bigger. And magnify this by the fact that all these fish were caught in the total of only 3 full days fishing time. 1 1/2 days last winter and 1 1/2 days at Huron during the get together this year. 

Could there be any other place in the world that this feat could be matched? I think not. And to think this Lake was known as the (Dead Sea) only 30 years ago, wow. A man could become very, very spoiled if a fishery like this was in his backyard. So in a way, I actually like the fact that it is not. 

I'm not sure I'd be looking to learn or develop any new techniques for catching walleyes if I never got skunked. All these things are what went through my mind as I lay (wide awake) in bed, (staring at the ceiling) in the Motel room the Saturday night after the WC fun tournament day.
That and all the laughs I/we had at the get together raffle Friday night, after meeting and poking fun at old Internet friends, that had only then suddenly/finally materialized as a human flesh reality. Kinda weird and neat at the same time sharing a building with everybody in it having the same thing and loves in common. You would think that with that many inflated ego's in the same place, the atmosphere would get a little electric. But it came off more like a family reunion, where you finally get to meet the uncles you've never met. And the idea of making the tournament a (Laid Back/Fun Event) versus a steeple chase, where the BIG money makes a lot of people act out of character, is the very best idea for all concerned.

It's hard to find one negative thing that happened during this great weekend. Like my partner said, "All the stars aligned for us on this trip." And so they did. I'll be there next year and hope my string of good luck holds out while on Erie. 

Hope to see and meet even more of you guys at next years Get together. Capt: Dan.

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