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2001 WC Get Together On Ice

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The event was attended by 14 people. We all came together at a spot out of Eddy's at Indian Point. There was some mix up about the starting place, I was told that Eddy's had a road out to 7 mile flats, but proved not to be the case, so we went out on their road to Indian Point. We started fishing about 8:00 am and as the day went on several others showed up. At noon I fired up the grill and broke out the "frosties" and we all had a few brats and some "cold" ones. The temperature was around zero with a stiff southwest wind around 10-15 mph, it was a little "cooool", but everyone had a good talk, swapped some stories, and got to know each other. We then fished until dark, and headed in for a an evening of bonding. A couple of guys brought their sons, which was nice to see. I am sending some pictures of the get together, and I think Brian Gilbertson will be sending some also. I would have taken some more but my camera was not working well in the sub-zero temperatures. Brian got his working so that is the deal there.

This is the lunch wagon with some of the crew having a little refreshment, brats, chips, and something to wash it down with. (that's Dave Estensen, Dave in Mpls.. and Brian Gilberson, Brian/mn)


Lisa and Bob

Lisa (Smiley) and husband Bob Schulz enjoying the beautiful day (brrrrrrr). Lisa got the Walleye Central Shut up and Fish hat that Carol sent along.......everyone got can huggies from WC also.




Dave and Buddy

Dave Estensen and fishing buddy Gary Katz setting up house keeping, hoping for that big "eye".




The Future of Fishing

Our youngest angler (brat eater) Max Mattson, my grandson. He was one of the few of us that didn't want to go home at the end of the day, he was having to much fun catching perch and drinking juice boxes.




Lunch Wagon

More at the lunch wagon, (left to right) Dave Estensen's leg, Mike Gilbertson (Brian's brother), Brian Gilbertson, Lisa and Bob Schulz, and Mike Bocko (Mel) my fishing partner.




Max Mattson

Happy angler Max and his dad Dean Mattson. I tried to get him to show me one of the perch he caught, but he didn't want to show off.





Dave Estensen

Here is what we came after. This is Dave Estensen and his "eye". Just so happens it was the only one caught for the weekend.



Supper Time This was the evening out for dinner. The three good looking guys in front are Gerald Pitsenburger and his two sons, Ryan and Brent. Everyone else, including the Pitsenburger boys had a good meal and some great conversation. I believe everyone had a good time. The fella there with the whiskers is our old buddy "Lundman" Mark Wiarda, and not pictured is me, I am behind the camera.

Well, that's about it. I am going to put together an event this coming summer or early fall. I will try to make it at a time when there aren't any tournaments, so maybe more folks can attend. The next one will be up on Lake of the Woods, when the weather isn't quite as chilly as it was this time.

Thanks for the box of goodies that were handed out, I think everyone got something from Walleye Central, and also thanks for the web time to promote the get together.

Will talk to you later, and it is truly great to have friends like you and the rest of these folks.

Good Fishin' Joe TBO/MN

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