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 Walleye Central East Get Together - August 4 - 5, 2001

The Walleye Central East Get Together was quite small but a good time was had by all. Hopefully Chris and I will be able to pull this off again next year and in bigger and better fashion. We held the Get Together out of Westfield NY just 16 miles from Dunkirk NY hoping some folks would pull double duty by fishing the PWT and attending the Get Together.

With only 9 entries for the tournament we decided to just have a first place pot for big fish. Bob Dadley (Ranger) and his son-in-law showed up later but a miscommunication kept us from making contact with them and getting them in the tournament. My son Jake and his friend Dave came up for the day and fished with me. We left harbor a few minutes later than the other boats. I made radio contact with them telling them I was late getting out as I stopped to jig the breakwall and caught a 10# eye! WOW they even believed me!

I guess that put so much pressure on them that they never recovered. The better fishing reports were coming from down near the NY/Pa. border and everyone opted to run to the line but we stayed straight out of harbor since I was also prefishing with Gary Gray for a couple days and wanted to check out the west boundary area for him as well as fish our tournament. I hadn't finished setting the 3rd rod when we hooked up an eye and allowed Dave to catch his first ever Erie walleye! A nice healthy 6# fish. The action was pretty good for the next 3 hours as we boated 2 more walleye and dropped 3 more. The bad thing was that the fish were just outside the 79.35 line that would be the west boundary for the PWT. Jake managed to squeak out a win for the big fish honors ousting me by several ounces. I did make sure that I collected gas money from him though!

Eyedoctor and his girlfriend rode with Chris and Bob rather than haul his boat down for one day. Chris and Bob's 'official' handles are Sluggo and Bobber (been talk of changing it to Sluggo and Nancy!) but I refer to them as Abbott and Costello! Eyedoctors girlfriend caught her first walleye and they were both entertained by the best comedians on all Lake Erie!

We held a cookout several hours later and were joined by several pro's that were staying at the motel, they being Walleye Central's own ETT (Jim Stedke) and national qualifiers Keith Segar and Jeff Russell who Sluggo and Bobber got to prefish with. I would like to take this opportunity to wish them both good luck at Bismark in September.

It was real good to get to meet some of the guys from WC. I've read with much interest some of these guys posts, especially Bob- Ranger -Dadley....

keep the lines wet, powder dry and beer cold. Looking forward to doing it again guys!

Fred aka Gilligan

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Dave Eriesunset Gilligan Jeff KeithSegar Ranger
Sluggo TheWinner

Pic 1 Dave Knowles with his first walleye.
Pic 2 Erie Sunset 
Pic 3 Gilligan
Pic 4 Jeff Russell in center, Bob (Bobber) Shaw on right, Jim (Luckyhook) Schmik on left.
Pic 5 Keith (Frogman) Segar.
Pic 6 Bob (Ranger) Dadley and his son in law.
Pic 7 Chris (Sluggo) Stack in front with Chris and Bob's Lund in the rear
Pic 8 Jake Forsythe with the winning fish.

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