Bionic Walleye Challenge
    Details from the Walleye Central Get-Together
    November 6th, 1999

by Sheila Ryan

Bionic Winners - Dan and Rich Give it up for Dan Hoffman & Rich Hughley from Elkhart, IN for their winning 32lb. catch out of Huron, Ohio today in the ‘99 Bionic Walleye Challenge. 

Congratulations guys! You did it on a day when many others could not - tough bite and all. It sure was a beautiful day on the water anyway for the rest of us. 

Boatnut (Mike Justus) pleased us all with his “gutsy” 9 pounder in what we later found out was his 1st tournament! Since you did not win the “big fish” award (because you bled the thing), we’d still like to nominate you winner of the unofficial Walleye Central Fun Fish award. 
Boatnut & partner

Attaching miscellaneous get-together pictures. Sure is great to see real faces of our internet comrades.
Real names complicated the affair even more!

Chatman and Scott
Tom Ebi with Scott Golden
our Walleye Central honchos
Erie Riding
Tony Puccio - staying dry!

We need more walleye!
Just Look'n (Bob Keeney)
we recommend new name: "Just Catch'n"

I'm sure we'll have many stories to tell and pictures to show after we all get home. See ya later!

a W/C girl

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