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HURON 1999

By (Juls) Julia Davis

Thursday. The wind had blown and the lake was muddy, but when I got to Huron, it was nice out. It was still a little windy, but it did not stop us from going out on the water. Rick LaCourse and I fished for a few hours in the afternoon, managing to pick up a couple of 7 pounders. We missed 4 other fish on the boards running Reef Runners and Ripsticks anywhere from 90-140 back. Those fish were donated to the Friday Night Fish Fry cause.

Fishing on Friday. I had the pleasure of fishing with Scott and Cindy Golden on Thumper, a 31 foot charter boat, run by Capt. Ron Johnson...affectionately known as Rabbit. Capt. Ron couldn't have made it a nicer trip by any means. He and Scott worked the lines and Cindy and I caught and netted the fish. Great job Cindy! We managed to add seven more fish to the fish fry cause..;-)

Ahh, Friday night, what a blast! The fish fry was great! Everyone ate well, and had a good time. There was alot of joking going on out back in the parking lot where we cooked the fish. When I went inside to drop off the next batch of cooked fish, I was stunned to see how many people actually turned out for this event. It was nice to be surrounded by so many folks that enjoy the same things I do.

After the fish fry. I thought I was going to hit the hay early, but that didn't work out like I planned. There were about 10 people in my room, coolers and all! Fun little party! R238S must think I'm a strange gal...hahah. I canít blame that on the bottle of Korbel though..whew!

Bruce DeShano. He entertained us all with his many exploits. His next adventure is going to be a Polar Bear hunt! Can't wait to hear the details of that one... ;-)

Scott Golden. Well if you met him, I would not have to tell you what fun he is! His new bride Cindy was great! She even remembered to bring the wedding photos! I had so much fun with her and Sheila.

Sheila is a firecracker. I can't say enough about her humor. She had us laughing so hard most of the time we were with her, my cheeks hurt!

Saturday. I passed up the chance to fish the Bionic Minnow Challenge to help out Bruce DeShano and Mark Romanack with a photo shoot. We fished for a couple of hours in the morning, caught a few fish for the pics, and then went to work. It was pretty neat to see how some of these photos are taken. Mark, at one point, was in his waders outside of the boat taking pics when a big wave came and dumped a good sized bucket full of water down his pants! The poor guy was suffering a terrible cold as it was, and then that on top of it. He did not stop working though, and I think we even managed to get some pretty good pics! He is what the word professional means. One of the nicest people I have ever met. Smart as a whip too..;-)

By the time we got back in, the tourney weigh in was over...dang! I'm looking forward to finding some pics people have from that day.

Sunday the last day. Went out with Rick LaCourse and his regular partner Rick Fergeson. We managed to finish 6th with 23.55 pounds in the St Jude's tourney.

Here is a typical Bigfoot story. Rick Fergeson and I are in the back of the boat running the boards...Foot is sitting comfortably in the bow of the boat shouting out orders to us. He yells, "it sunk the board!", so I take the rod and start to reel it in. Rick Fergeson is busy doing something else when I need a rod moved out of the way to bring this fish in. Foot comes down to the back of the boat, picks up the rod, and starts to reel it in. BAM!! Fish ON!! Well, to make a long story short...his fish turned out to be a 7 pounder and mine was a little 20 incher coming in sideways..He has all the luck! We do all the work and he gets the big fish..LOL I'm still jealous! I'm just teasing, Rick LaCourse did a great job getting us on fish. The fish just didn't seem to want to bite like I wanted them to.

I am going to have to make another trip down there, because I still want that 10+ pounder...big grin! I hear July is a good time to go down. Then I can be barefoot...wink!

The Huron Experience was terrific, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

"The fishing was so good...I thought I was there yesterday!"

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