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CRJohn's Lake of the Woods Photos
I can visualize a "Moose" in them "Miles Bay" trees.  Can you?  My Linda's 
"Mother Nature's" LOTW Fall Painting.  Near Nangoshing & LOTW's "Big Sandy Bay".
Another of "Mother Nature's" Fall LOTW Paintings
This is why they call it: "Sunset Country"
Huge "Snapper" Turtle on NE Shore Of Bigsby Island/LOTW
Max & "1" of his LOTW Nangoshing Muskies
"My Ride", waiting for the Captain @ the "Public Ramp" Rainy River, LOTW
One of many N. Pike that LOTW has to offer
CRJohn @ "Whitefish Bay Camp"/LOTW, early Spring
Dick Johnstons /"4 Mile Bay-Bostic Crk.--40" N. Pike": on LOTW
"AAH Yes", the comforts of the wilderness!
It's not a mirror!  It's just another evening sunset in "God's Country"/LOTW
That would be "Great!", Until then??
Dave Dotzenroth's completly restored & "Gorgeous" Beaver, Sabaskong Bay, LOTW
2 Adult Eagles giving me the "Eye"!!
A guide friends cabin on the North Shore of Oak Island, N.W. Angle, LOTW
Routine cabin along "Tug Channel", LOTW!!
Approaching "French Portage"/N.E. of Falcon Island, LOTW
Sunrise on the North Shore of "Oak Island", N.W. Angle, LOTW, looking into Canada
"Come On In!": Everyone is "Welcome"!!
That ain't cotton!
@ my dock on Bostic Crk. South Shore, LOTW
That be Us! @ Ken-Mar-Ke Resort, Bostic Crk., LOTW
Our "Summer Home" @ LOTW's Ken-Mar-Ke Resort (acquired-Spring of 2004)/(see Pic #3 for 2020 exterior painting & steel roof)
Self Explanatory: In addition-"The Northern most point in the 'Continental US' is Minnesota's Northwest Angle"! (Good trivia for a Beer!) & No it is...

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