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Walleye Message Central - JOHN L. HECKLSMILLER's Album: The Frustrating Season of 2014 on LOTW
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The Frustrating Season of 2014 on LOTW
Month of May, 3rd week before "Ice-Out"
Month of June, Wind & Flooding
Month of July, more Wind & Rain
Month of August, hoping water will recede & South Shore fishing gets better
Month of Sept., Transition to Fall & more wind
Month of Oct.-Went home, had all the fun I could stand!
Dennis Meyer @ the South Shore on May 16th, 2014 - LOTW
Another unbearable day of wind for the "USA-Big Water/LOTW"
Flooding @ "Ken-Mar-Ke Resort" during July 2014
Another possible day of weather for the 2014 LOTW season??
Hwy #8 Bridge over Bostic Crk.  
Tough for "K-M-K Resort" boats to get to "4-Mile Bay & LOTW"
Typical 2014 LOTW sky as a general rule for the season!!!!!
Bostic Crk. in front of our trailer @ "Ken-Mar-Ke" during July of 2014
Wind & more Wind On 2014 LOTW
You have to respect the US side of the lake or take on "Mother Nature"!
"Ken-Mar- Ke Resort" docks for the majority of June & July
My dock on Bostic Crk. @ "Ken-Mar-Ke Resort"/June & July of 2014
Cyrus parking lot: June & July
"Morris Point Resort"/Wind swept lake front & the wind blowing the lake into the parking lot & entrance
Entrance to "Morris Pt. Resort" on LOTW's South shore & "4 Mile Bay"
"Ken-Mar-Ke Resort " entrance road during July's high water. Flooded Bostic Crk backed-up Rd. drainage ditches.
May 16, 2014 Lake of the Woods.  Hard to pass-up an "Opener" even if  it's "Hard Water"!
May 16, 2014 Lake of the Woods

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