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Walleye Message Central - NEBRASKA GAYLE's Album: The Girls and their new boat :-)
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The Girls and their new boat :-)
Loving her visit by the lake.
Fishing GREAT on Lake Sharpe!!   The girls are still trying to figure out how a little minnow goes in and a 16 to 18" walleye comes out.  Too much...
Watching Nebraska John's pole for him.
Fishing with Nebraska John on Lake Sharpe one more time in their boat.
Fishing with Nebraska John Guide Service
Abby telling me how to catch a nice walleye
The girls fishing in their new boat and even let "Dad" come along.
2012 2075 Pro V w/300 Verado
The girls and their new boat. (Right Nebraska John??)   Boy do they love me being unemployed or is that Unemployable???

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