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Boat and Fishing Pics
Ranger Boat pictures, antenna mount, motor covers, custom registration stickers, rails and some canada pics
11lb Erie slob that is being mounted
11lb Erie slob
Gobbler I shot in 2015
LEDs in the rod locker and red under consols
LEDs in the cockpit
New GMC Sierra pulling the boat
Cisco Triples on my boat, my son gave me a big smile, but the rail hid it a bit
Angry Erie
Josh and Cam
Rod Rack
LSS1 module
LSS1 transducer
Sticker on my modog running rod rack
HDS8 on my 2050.
Rod Rack on a 2050 made by MODOG!
Zeke picked up over 400 birds that week.  This goose was at least a 300yrd retrieve.   
I need to find a dog that will bring a deer back for me, then...
My first Specklebelly, shot him at prolly 80yrds with BBs and a prayer.
My good friend Nathan on the far left passed away February 2010.  You just never know.  You are missed bud!
I found this pig in the livewell!
Big Lake Erie eyeball
Fish on, April at Lake Erie
Suick again, 39.5in Pike
23in eyeball caught on a 10" suick muskie thriller

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