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Transom Rebuild
Attaching the transducer plate.  I need to install the control panel, stereo and a few other items, then dunk it!
The rear livewell cover is in place and all the wiring has been wrung out.
Hoisted the outboard into place.  Now to reinstall the hydraulic steering and reconnect all the wiring.
Ready to reinstall the livewell.
Painted and ready to reassemble.
Silver and Dark gray accent painted. Ready to reinstall the outboard!
Primed and ready for paint.
Gussets installed and the whole rear area is sanded and ready for primer.
Outboard doubler plate is now permanently in place.  All the truss screws are "wet" installed.  The transom caps are riveted and bonded in...
Thru hull drain fittings installed along with the tie down u-bolts.  Getting closer to primer and paint...
The port side transom cap is repaired, riveted and bonded into place.
The SeaCast is sanded flush and ready to install the transom caps.  I had to refit the support gussets.
Port side transom wing filled with SeaCast.
Port side transom filled with SeaCast.  The plastic sheet "dam" worked like a champ on the vertical corner.
The last small area to fill and cure...Glad to be past the pouring stage.
Top starboard wing of the transom filled with SeaCast.  A little sanding and install the cap.
First Seacast pour.  It was left short of the top of the transom so I could fill the remainder on the next pour.
All the inside of the transom cavity is lined with cured fiberglass mat.  The top edge has been sanded flush and it is ready for SeaCast.
Sanded flush and ready for SeaCast.  Laying the fiberglass mat into the cavity was a sticky pain in the butt!
Fiberglass Mat laid into the transom cavity.  Lots of sharp fiberglass strands are protruding from the top.
Fiberglass mat and polyester resin on both inside skins of the transom.  I needed to seal the pinholes.
Ready to lay the fiberglass mat.
All the masking complete and a stout "C" channel to keep everything straight.
Adding an aluminum doubler strip to the front flange of the splashwell.  Too many previously used holes for my liking.
I patched all the holes that installed the transom cap.  I will drill a new hole pattern upon reassembly.

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