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Walleye Message Central - NEBRASKA GAYLE's Album: My Girls
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My Girls
I'm the Birthday girl with no party hat.  Bad Mom!!!
My 3rd birthday
Ask me anything:  I have Mom's brain bucket on now!!
I can convince my little sister of ANYTHING!!!
My older sister said the geese and ducks should be coming. . .
The mail lady should be coming any moment!  She brings treats!!
My first pheasant with the help of Abby and Jesse
Brother Barret came to spend the night.  The girls had to tag team him because he's so much bigger.
I'm practicing for Halloween!!
Gosh, I feel so stupid.  Jesse thinks it's funny I got caught!
I should have left this cap where I found it!!!
Angel Girls  (at the moment)
P U!  I think someone farted!
Not Lake Oahe but I'm makin' the best of it!
I'm right here, Mom!!!
There go the birds.   I see 'em!!!
Here come the birds. . . .
We're ready for a cool one.  Bud Light, please.
What are the neighbors doing with that?
Oh, what a day!!!
Where do you wanna go?   I dunno, you're driving!!!
It wasn't me!!!   You can't see me, right?
Dang it, is that you Jesse?
Shhhhh. . .    PLEASE don't wake the Wild Child Mom!!
Bud Light Anyone?

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