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Juls Collection
Various Photos
My Snake Pointer
Got to love the 80's......hehehe
Jack in 2002 (1997-2010)  I miss "my love" very much...:(
Taking a rest
Judge Lou fishing 11-28-2010
Chilly morning....11-28-2010
11-28-2010 a nice day fishing with Lou
Terry with a nice one too...:)
Lou with a nice piggy...:)
Judge Lou fishing Lake Erie 11/20/10
Scott Bogen with two nice Erie Walleye...2010 WCGT Tourney
Jill and Nelli
Jill at Indian Creek
A nice long Eye May 26, 2010 Canada (Wagon Wheel)
Me with an Erie Piggy April 2010
Going Thru Boat Check 05 Erie FLW
Mississippi River 2003 5:30am "Frosty"
Happy Dog..:)
Nov 1 2002 I look happy. :)
My Dad as a young man
Grandma and Grandpa Davis
Rick in old Crown Royal Boat
101082Jill sleeping on Ricks feet only a couple months old
101082Jills first day home back in Sept of 2004 only 7 weeks old

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