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Walleye Message Central - scott.keeley's Album: My pics
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My pics
11 pound Detroit river eye
DJ with his 11 pound Detroit river beauty
Jolly Roger Custom Paint Crank2
Jolly Roger Custom Paint Crank1
Early morning double on Erie
30in Lake Erie Eye 22OCT 2012
Lake Erie Sunrise 29in Eye
Lake Erie 21OCT 2012
MoDog Rod Rack, Pueblo, CO
MoDog Runnin' Rod Rack, Pueblo, CO
4th Place Finish at MWC Pueblo, CO
MWC Pueblo, CO
Back Right
Back Left
Inside with MoDog Running Rod Rack
Ranger 620
My Boys
Jacob's Red Snapper
Justin's King Mackerel
spinner construction on the water
Jacob's 10lb eye
erie walleye
UH-60 Over Afghanistan
My Buddy Joe and I ready for a partol

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