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Pooch's stuff
Odds and ends from over the years
Another nice Savant Lake fish C&R always.  Never ever kill a nice fish.
Green's camp on Birch
Doc with 8# Birch Lake, Ontario fish a long time ago.
Doc with Savant 7.9# in '03
Pooch and Mike
Sweet spot before rain on Birch Lake, Ontario
Annual Lac Seul Labor Day group
Pooch & The Bobo on Savant
Otter passing Beaver.  Looks like over Trout Lake, Ontario.
Last fish of the trip caught by that guy we picked up along the road, he looks a lot like our friend Tom
Dave and Larry.  The only "normal" guys in our groups.  Rest in peace Larry.  God bless you.
Moose down by the dock early one morning
Pooch with great camp dogs and some really weird guy we picked up along the road 'cause we needed a cook.
Joe on a cool morning.  Probably 30 degrees cooler than down home.
Doc and Bob making the rest of us look like we've never fished before.  (Again)
Evening fishing on Savant
Jim and a nice Lac Seul smally
Jim and a tiny small mouth that hit on a leech.
Old Bob, lives in the timber two creeks NW of here in a rusted out Airglide with a 'possum living underneath.  Once had a very unhappy kitty cat run...
Fishing partner on Sesaganaga
End of two weeks on the water on Savant.
Disappointed, thought it was gonna be a nice walleye.
The Brad and another LS smally on spinners.
Lac Seul walleye
Fishing for walleye and catching smallies on Lac Seul

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