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Jigging at its finest
She can jig with the best of them!  Family fishing!
dinner time!  Looking forward to AIM in 2014
quack  quack
quack quack
Runnin with some new equipment at the end of 2013 and looking forward to ice fishing now,  2015 is the goal for captain and tournament captain as well
Starting them leaning young,  fishing and spending time with the family
Only went out a few times this year but put a few in the freezer
Dad came up to do some fishing on Rainy
Late season on Rainy
E and I at Red Wing on the last day
B touching and discovering the Walleye World... the future of Fishing!
Dad and I at Red Wing
Pay out At NWT Red Wing.... love collecting money
NWT 2013 Tourney Trail Big guy gets lucky and hangs out with the NITRO/Bass Pro Shop team again.  The ol' man took 5th on this one.  Yet another pay...
NWT 2013 Tourney Trail Fishing as a CO for one more year... maybe unless the trigger gets pulled early?!?!?
Nat's Pike slammed a walleye on her line so she played her out and after a while we landed it!
Another Eye for Jess.  We have nailed down the slot sized fish this year for sure :-)
looking for that last one to limit on Rainy Lake
After an offer of help from me (which was respectfully declined)  we watched it go under to above the tail-lights, then I pulled away as it went the...
Learning structure on Rainy Lake...  was by myself on the lake almost all year....  studying Topo goes along way  :-)
finesse jigging  lol
Another Eye  short but heavy
Lake of the Woods and pounding the ice
day 2 snow goose hunting SD

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