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Pooch's stuff
Odds and ends from over the years
Cordova T&T 6 22 2019 email
New 2018 hustle muscle
Fresh 1982 Blazer Version II.  Less weight and more horsepower for 2018 season.  Next stop paint shop.
2017 Alumacraft Yukon Rear over view
2017 Alumacraft Yukon Rear cockpit area
2017 Alumacraft Yukon TM finished
Old Lund's new replacement summer 2017 Alumacraft Yukon
Mike and LS smallmouth
2015 LS Smallies, same show different year!
Holly 1250 Dominator.  One big darned carburetor!
Four day Labor Day trip 2013 on Lac Seul,  Smally's again on BB's & spinners.  Same as last year!
Four day Labor Day trip 2013 with stop at Little Vermillion, an afternoon for smally's
Four day Labor Day trip to Lac Seul. Caught a number of these, too
Caught a lot of these on four day Lac Seul Labor Day trip 2013
Besides fishing this is what the Pullen boys like to do.
Doc with another nice Savant fish
The Bobo and Doc in the evening on task.
No running water?  No problem.
The Brad catches walleye, too
Joe and Pooch in the narrows early evening
Lac Seul when it's time to get off the water
House keeping cabins on Mahkwa
Home away from home on Savant
Derek & Tracy when they ran the Poplar Grove Camp on Birch
Archies Landing before the bridge

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